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Accused child abuser Ruby Franke’s husband wants a divorce

Photos of Ruby Franke and her estranged husband, Kevin Franke, and the family outside their home in Utah. (via YouTube)

As former YouTube “momfluencer” Ruby Franke sits behind bars on charges of child abuse, her estranged husband has filed for divorce.

Kevin Franke filed a petition for divorce and a domestic relations injunction on Wednesday in Utah’s Fourth Judicial District. While the divorce petition is private, the injunction is a public document. It lays out rules for the petitioner, Kevin Franke, and the respondent, Ruby Franke.

Part of the injunction emphasizes the two parties cannot harass each other in any way, including electronically. They cannot cancel services belonging to the other, such as phone service. They cannot cancel or change any shared insurance policies, such as health insurance or auto insurance, without written permission from the other party.

The Frankes are also prohibited from making derogatory comments about each other in front of the children.

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