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Allen Livingston remains found on Herbert Baumeister farm

Law enforcement and members of the coroner’s office in Hamilton County, Indiana scoured the 18-acre Fox Hollow Farm in the 1990s searching for human remains. Inset: Herbert Baumeister. (YouTube screengrab/WTHR)

More than 30 years after her son Allen went missing, Sharon Livingston said her mother’s intuition convinced her beyond a shadow of doubt that the remains of her long-missing son would be found on the property of suspected serial killer Herbert Baumeister. This week, that gut feeling was confirmed.

Coroner Jeff Jellison of Hamilton County, Indiana, announced Tuesday that bone fragments belonging to Allen Livingston — a queer man who was just 27 years old when reported missing in 1993 — were among those newly identified out of the some 10,000 human remains investigators have collected over the years from an 18-acre farm in Westfield known as Fox Hollow.

Baumeister killed himself in 1996 shortly after a warrant for his arrest was issued and Indianapolis police had begun questioning him about a string of gay men who went missing from the area during the 1980s and 1990s.

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