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American singer Kevin Cronin Illness and Health Update 2023- Sickness & Family Details

American singer Kevin Cronin Illness and Health Update 2023′ Kevin Cronin illness has dragged huge public attention as the Actor has stayed away from the media for a long time. Here is his recent health update.

Kevin Cronin is a notable American singer and songwriter famous for being the frontman of the rock band REO Speedwagon. The famous rock band has already released many songs that have helped them earn a huge fan base.

Furthermore, Keep on Loving You and Can’t Fight This Feeling are two hit songs. Meanwhile, Cronin became part of the band after the band recorded its debut album in 1971.

Meanwhile, Cronin later focused on his solo career but returned to the band in 1976 and has remained with them since then. 

American singer Kevin Cronin Illness and Health Update 2023: Is He Sick?

Kevin Cronin illness has been heavily searched on the internet. Fans are eager to know if the singer is sick or not. As of now, there are no facts about the singer having health issues.

But in the past, Cronin had some problems with his health, due to which his shows with the band were canceled. Meanwhile, the topic of Cronin’s health got more into media prominence when he opened up about his mother, Millie.

American singer Kevin Cronin Illness and Health Update 2023
American singer Kevin Cronin Illness and Health Update 2023

Once, Kevin said that his mother was diagnosed with Lewy body dementia. He watched his mother’s battle with the health condition. After that, Cronin used his stardom to bring awareness to Lewy body dementia. 

Not to mention, Lewy body dementia (LBD) is the 2nd most common type of refined dementia after Alzheimer’s disease. 

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Kevin Cronin Health Update 2023

Kevin Cronin’s health in 2023 is fine, as there is no news of the singer being ill. As mentioned earlier, Cronin has faced some issues in the past regarding his health that has also canceled some of his shows.

In 2018, he had some problems with his health, and his band announced that their show was canceled. Cronin was also receiving treatment from a doctor working at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, Cronin has not disclosed openly about his problems, but now it can be said that the REO Speedwagon frontman is doing well in his personal and professional life.

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Where Is Kevin Cronin Now?

Kevin Cronin lives in the United States of America with his happy family. Cronin rarely makes public appearances, and he does not have official social media handles too.

This makes it clear that Kevin mainly prefers to stay lowkey rather than coming up in public. Besides that, Cronin is happily married to his wife, Lisa Cronin.

Kevin and Lisa have been sharing the loving bond of a husband and a wife since tying the wedding knot in 1992. Being a married couple since then, the duo has also started a happy family of their own.

Kevin and his wife are the proud parents of three kids, twins Josh and Shane and a daughter named Holly. Together with his wife, Kevin has appeared in some public events too.

Meanwhile, the family of five lives together, and they are happy in their private life. 

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