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Beyonce mourns O’Shea Sibley a fan who was stabbed to death in possible hate crime

Beyonce mourns O’Shea Sibley’ Beyonce is mourning a fan who was stabbed to death on Saturday, July 30, when he was “innocently pumping gas” at a Brooklyn gas station. According to reports, dancer O’Shae Sibley was stabbed when he along with his friends were voguing to the Grammy-winning songstress’s ‘Renaissance’ album at the gas station and had an altercation with a group already there.

Who was O'Shae Sibley? Beyonce mourns fan who was stabbed to death in possible hate crime

Sibley’s death is being investigated as a possible hate crime against the gay community. The ‘Break My Soul’ songstress posted a poignant tribute to the fan who lost his life while dancing to her song. A message on Beyonce’s official website reads, “Rest in power O’Shae Sibley.”

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Beyonce mourns O'Shea Sibley - Beyonce's tribute to O'Shae Sibley (Beyonce)
Beyonce mourns O’Shea Sibley
Beyonce’s tribute to O’Shae Sibley (Beyonce)

Who was O’Shae Sibley?

Sibley was a 28-year-old dancer who came to New York City three years ago to pursue a career in the arts. He was a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was a passionate dancer and choreographer as can be seen from his social media posts. He used to post pictures on his social media where he could be seen posing graciously. He also participated in the Ailey Extension program.

The studio also lamented Sibley’s passing on Facebook with a poignant tribute. The statement began, “The Ailey organization mourns the untimely death of O’Shae Sibley, following an attack outside of a Brooklyn gas station on Saturday night,” and continued, “O’Shae was a beloved and dedicated Ailey Extension student. He was adored by teachers and classmates alike and had amazing vitality in the studio. The studio said in its message on Monday, “We are shocked and heartbroken that O’Shae’s life has been taken by senseless violence and extend our sincere condolences to his family and loved ones.”

On Saturday, Sibley – who was a Black man – and his friends stopped at the Mobil gas station to fill up their car. As per the video obtained by the New York Post and Page Six, as the two men started dancing to tracks from Beyonce’s ‘Renaissance’ album, a group of men standing outside the store started talking to them. Soon the squabble was exacerbated, and Sibley, who was bare-chested and was wearing a pair of pink shorts, was stabbed in the chest. His friends rushed to his aid. Police received a call just before midnight, and when they reached the spot, they found Sibley stabbed in the torso. Sibley was then taken to the Maimonides Medical Center where he died.

Y’all killed O’Shae

Sibley was renowned for dancing with his friends outside. Sibley’s friends and family are still in disbelief. I’m still in disbelief, his neighbor Beckenbaur Hamilton told CBS New York. I keep listening for O’Shae to open the door whenever I hear it, he says, before adding, “They were dancing. I can assure you that while they were filling up on gas, they were voguing and acting crazy.

“I wasn’t there, but I can tell you just from what I saw that’s just how they are,” Hamilton extolled Sibley’s joyous demeanour. He enters and turns off the music before continuing to dance and voguing.

Sibley’s friend Otis Pena looked visibly shaken in a Facebook Live video, where he said that he witnessed the stabbing. Pena said, “They killed my brother right in front of me.” He broke down in tears saying, “Just pumping gas and listening to ‘Renaissance’ and just having a good time. Y’all killed O’Shae.”

In another post, Pena said, “They hated us cause we are gay! Screaming we Muslim and we don’t like gays!!!!! As we are innocently pumping gas and y’all decided to stab one of us!!! #justice.” In another, he wrote, “We were VOGUING!!!!!!!! Innocently voguing just two blocks from being dropped off at my house pumping gas!!!!”

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Beyonce mourns O'Shea Sibley - Otis Pena's post (Facebook/Otis Pena)
Beyonce mourns O’Shea Sibley
Otis Pena’s post (Facebook/Otis Pena)

While no arrests have yet been made in what looks like a homophobic attack, the police said to WCBS on Tuesday that a suspect had been identified. The NYPD is investigating the stabbing as a possible hate crime.

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