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Bonnie Marie Vaughn, 59, Allegedly Murdered Her Husband, Jeffrey Fellman In Ohio

Into ‘Bonnie Marie Vaughn, 59, Allegedly Murdered Her Husband, Jeffrey Fellman In Ohio’ A woman allegedly murdered her “husband” before recruiting another man — the boyfriend of the victim’s daughter — to dismember the body.

Bonnie Marie Vaughn, 59, Allegedly Murdered Her Husband, Jeffrey Fellman In Ohio

Cops in Middletown, Ohio, identified the lead defendant as Bonnie Marie Vaughn, 59. They said John Havens, 34, stepped forward on Tuesday to confess what happened. Officers said they arrived at a home to find the victim dead. Vaughn allegedly fled the scene, but cops captured her, according to the police department.

The Warren County Corner’s Office confirmed to Law&Crime that Jeffrey Fellman, 55, died Monday in Middletown, Ohio.

“He underwent an autopsy at the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office,” administrator Amy DeBorde said in an email. “This is a suspected homicide, so this is all the information we will release.”

Vaughn allegedly admitted that she shot and killed her husband on Monday in the garage of the home at 5635 Stone Path Drive, according to authorities cited in a Journal-News report. Investigators are still trying to determine if the couple were actually married, said Acting Middletown Police Chief Eric Crank. He did indicate the two were in a “domestic relationship.”

As for Havens, he was dating Fellman’s daughter, according to documents obtained by Cincinnati CBS affiliate WKRC.

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According to reports, Havens allegedly stated that Vaughn picked him up on Tuesday. According to investigators, she asked whether he could assist her in disposing of a body. They returned home. According to police reports, Havens observed Fellman’s body in the garage. He allegedly claimed that a hand saw from that garage was used to dismember the body.

Officers did not suggest a motive. Police said they responded to that home in the past for domestic disturbance calls involving the couple, according to the Journal-News.

Neighbors told WKRC the incident was — in the television station’s paraphrasing — “shocking and unexpected.”

Neighbor Michelle McRoberts told the TV station she did not hear anything but noticed something unusual and out of character for Vaughn.

“She never puts her garage door down,” McRoberts said. “Even in the winter, it’s always up, even when it’s very cold outside. So, that was very odd because everyone noticed her garage door was down. We’re all just really devastated and so sad. I mean, it’s just such a sad situation. So, yeah, it’s shocking.”


Bonnie Marie Vaughn, 59, Allegedly Murdered Her Husband, Jeffrey Fellman In Ohio

She had never seen Havens before, she said. She did note that her son saw him outside the home on Tuesday around noon. She described Vaughn as “a little bit off,” according to WLWT.

She said, “You know, sometimes it seemed like she didn’t always have it all cognitively together. But she was pretty polite, I guess. Bonnie was always a great person.

Fellman recently introduced himself, and neighbor Tamela Kerns told WRKC that she saw him practically every day in the yard or the garage.

She exclaimed, “I can’t believe it. Because I mean, we’re just in our house, you know, not knowing something like that is occurring right across the street from us, and I’m just astonished. That is sad. I’m sorry for every one of them.

According to the police, Havens alerted them to the murder. On Tuesday, he appeared in the lobby of the Middletown Division of Police and requested an officer, the authorities said.

“Mr. Havens gave officers detailed information about a homicide at 5635 Stone Path Drive,” cops said. “He identified a female, Bonnie Marie Vaughn, 59, who he says shot and killed an individual inside 5635 Stone Path Drive. Mr. Havens stated that he later dismembered the body.”

Vaughn is charged with murder. Havens faces a count of tampering with evidence and abusing a corpse.


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