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Brazilian football player Vinicius Jr Parents – Siblings, Vinicius José Paixão De Oliveira and Tatiana Vinicius

Brazilian football player Vinicius Jr Parents’ and Siblings have stayed away from the media for a long time. Find out everything about the footballer’s family life here.

Vinicius Jr is a professional Brazilian football player playing as a winger for La Liga club Real Madrid. He has been representing Real Madrid since 2018.

Before that, Vinicius was a part of Flamengo B and Real Madrid B. The skilled footballer is also in the national squad and plays for the national football team of Brazil.

Many people love him, but the professional footballer often becomes the victim of some controversies. He has been subject to racist insults and chants from football fans in Spain.

Due to that, four men were allegedly hanging an effigy of the footballer off a bridge in Madrid in January. With that, people are eager to know more about his personal life, which we’ve described below.

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Vinicius Jr Siblings: Meet His Sister Alessandra Oliveira and Brother

Vinicius Jr is not only the child of his parents as the footballer was raised alongside his two siblings, and one of their names is Alessandra Oliveira. 

As of now, the name of Vinicius’ brother remains unknown as the footballer has not talked openly about them with the media due to privacy concerns.

Many online sources have claimed that Vinicius Jr has a sister and two brothers, but there are no details about them. So, further information regarding his siblings can’t be shared.

Brazilian football player Vinicius Jr Parents
Brazilian football player Vinicius Jr Parents
It is said that Vinicius and his siblings were raised in a poor family background, and some outlets have even mentioned that they had a hard time while growing up.

Meanwhile, Vinicius was passionate about sports from a young age and always wanted to follow a career in this field. With that, he has come a long time and is doing pretty well.

It can be said that his siblings may also be engaged in some business, but we are unable to give the facts due to the lack of facts.

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Brazilian football player Vinicius Jr Parents: Vinicius José Paixão De Oliveira and Tatiana Vinicius

Vinicius Jr was born to his parents Vinicius Jose Paixao de Oliveira (Father) and Tatiana Vinicius (Mother) on July 12, 2000 in São Gonçalo, Brazil.

No doubt, Vinicius has received tremendous support from his parents, and all of his credit mainly goes to his dad. It is said that his football career kicked off in 2006 when his dad took him to the branch offices of Flamengo.

Later, Vinicius went to live in Abolição with his uncle, Ulisses, to shrink the distance to Ninho do Urubu. Furthermore, Vinicius has a close bond with his parents and have also shared some snaps with them on social media.

Meanwhile, he does not talk much about his family background in the media as Vinicius is highly aware of his privacy and wants to keep them secret rather than share every detail with the tabloids.

However, we can find Vinicius active on Instagram under the username @vinijr, from where he showcases his ongoing lifestyle to more than 36 million followers.

So, we can be clear that Vinicius is living a happy life with his beloved family members in private.

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