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Colombian Singer Shakira To Stand Trial For Alleged Tax Fraud- Allegations And Charges

Exploring the ‘Colombian Singer Shakira To Stand Trial For Alleged Tax Fraud’ The news of Shakira’s imprisonment had the audience interested. She is a Colombian singer who is referred to as the “Queen of Latin Music.”

The Pandora Papers revealed in 2021 that Shakira had applied for three offshore entities in 2019. Her representatives informed LaSexta that they filed the documents to dissolve an existing Company, not to form a new one.

Additionally, they claimed that the firms had no revenue or operations and that the Spanish government was aware of their existence.

After failing to reach an agreement with the Spanish Prosecution Ministry in July 2022, the singer decided to go to trial to prove her innocence. Be with us till the end to know why Shakira gets arrested.

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Is Shakira Arrested?

A Barcelona court decided that Shakira would stand trial for alleged tax fraud after years of back and forth with Spanish authorities.

As the leaders move on with their years-long case against the Colombian pop star, Spanish prosecutors have demanded that Shakira serve more than eight years of prison and pay a fine of over $24 million for alleged tax fraud.

Shakira Arrested
Judge orders Shakira to stand for trial facing. (Source: Anadolu Agency )

Shakira has repeatedly denied the accusations. In a statement, representatives for Shakira said that she has repaid the 14.5 million euros “they were claiming” and that she “has no tax debts with the Spanish Treasury.”

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A judge has authorized a trial in a town close to Barcelona, but no date has been scheduled. In the coming weeks, her lawyers want to present a statement of defense.

Whether Shakira committed tax fraud depends on her locations from 2012 to 2014. She claims that until 2015, when she moved to Barcelona with her partner, soccer player Gerard Piqué of FC Barcelona, she had her tax residency in the Bahamas.

Is Shakira In Jail Now?

After a Spanish court filed charges against the Colombian celebrity and Hips Don’t Lie, singer, the suspicions of tax fraud made national news. Shakira is not currently in prison or serving a jail.

'Colombian Singer Shakira To Stand Trial For Alleged Tax Fraud
Shakira can face eight years jail for tax-fraud case. (Source: InsideNoVa )

There is currently no scheduled date for Shakira’s trial. Following a court order to stand the test for alleged tax fraud, Shakira could spend up to eight years in prison.

Six authorities convinced a Spanish judge to order the prosecution of the Colombian singer, who is suspected of failing to pay taxes in Spain between 2012 and 2014.

The claims are “a total breach of her rights,” according to Shakira’s spokespeople, who also claimed that she has “always cooperated and abided by the law, showing flawless behavior as an individual and taxpayer.”

If the singer is found guilty, prosecutors have stated that they would also seek a fine of €24 million in addition to a jail sentence. In an earlier statement, a representative for Shakira said: “The singer is confident of her innocence and, as a result, does not accept compensation.”

What Allegations And Charges Are Made Against Shakira?

The Spanish government is accusing Shakira of tax evasion, and she might spend up to eight years in jail. In the so-called “Pandor Papers” financial document leak, Shakira was one of several famous people mentioned.

She was charged with establishing front businesses in tax shelters to hide the extent of her fortune.

'Colombian Singer Shakira To Stand Trial For Alleged Tax Fraud
Shakira charges for tax-fraud case (Source: Women’s Health)
Colombian Singer Shakira To Stand Trial For Alleged Tax Fraud

Even though Shakira claims she was in Spain for less than 183 days during the relevant period, which would free her from resident status and the related taxes, prosecutors think she remained in Spain for a more extended period than is necessary to be considered a resident.

As part of an investigation into her alleged tax evasion, Shakira testified in front of a judge in 2019. She vehemently denied any wrongdoing.

The tax fraud trial was approved by a Spanish judge in Esplugues de Llobregat on September 27, 2022, after prosecutors charged her with failing to pay 13.9 million euros ($14.5 million) in taxes.

Shakira claims she has already paid off everything she owed, plus interest of 3 million euros ($2.8 million).

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