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Missing Update: Colorado Mom Mysteriously Vanishes After Thanksgiving

‘Colorado Mom Mysteriously Vanishes After Thanksgiving’ Police in Colorado are looking for a Colorado Springs lady who vanished and didn’t get in touch with her friends or family.

According to the Colorado Springs Police Department, Leonor Enriquez, 59, was last seen on September 11 at around 8 p.m., near Sinton Road and Fillmore Street. KDRO reports that family members haven’t heard from her or seen her.

The police department said since it’s unlike Enriquez to have no contact with family, she’s considered missing and endangered.

Missing Update: Colorado Mom Mysteriously Vanishes After Thanksgiving

Police said Tuesday as the search for the Colorado mother who went missing after Thanksgiving was ramped up that her cellphone had been used to send two enigmatic texts three days after she was last seen out in public with her 1-year-old kid.

Ten days after she was last seen or heard from, Kelsey Berreth’s mother filed a missing person report. On Thanksgiving Day, Berreth is seen on surveillance camera shopping with her daughter at a Safeway in Woodland Park. Her fiancé, Patrick Frazee, then meets her to pick up the couple’s kid.

Authorities disclosed on Monday that one of the texts Berreth sent after she vanished indicated she intended to travel the week following Thanksgiving, but she never did.

Her cellphone’s last ping was from Gooding, Idaho, which is over 700 miles from her house. The following week, Berreth texted her job at Doss Aviation, a business that conducts flight instruction for the U.S. military and other armed forces, to let them know she wouldn’t be there.

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Woodland Park Police Chief Miles De Young stated that on November 25 at 5:13 p.m., Kelsey’s phone provided a position close to Gooding, Idaho.

A missing person poster on Kelsey Berreth, seen on the Woodland Park, Colo., Police Department's Facebook page on Dec. 10, 2018.

On December 10, 2018, the Woodland Park, Colorado, Police Department’s Facebook page displayed a posting for Kelsey Berreth. (AP)

It’s unknown what was said in a second text message that was sent to Berreth’s fiancé, Patrick Frazee, and it’s also not obvious if Berreth was the sender of the texts.

Cheryl Berreth, Berreth’s mother, made a public appeal for the 29-year-safe old’s return on Monday.

We just want you back home, Kelsey. If you can, call us. Cheryl Berreth stated in a news conference on Monday afternoon that “someone knows where she is. She is not the type to flee. This is really unexpected of her.

Kelsey adores her God, said Cheryl. She adores her job, her loved ones, and her social circle. She is trustworthy, thoughtful, and sincere.

The concerned mother said her family has relatives in Idaho, but they said Kelsey never showed up at their homes. Kelsey also never indicated any intention to visit those relatives, the Colorado Springs Gazette reported.

After she vanished, all of Berreth’s possessions—aside from her purse—remained at her Woodland Park house. Investigators are baffled by the fact that her two cars are still in Colorado while they look for the 29-year-old.

De Young responded that Frazee is the “father of Kelsey’s daughter and we’re going to leave it at that” when asked if Berreth’s fiancé is a suspect.

He continued, “This is a missing person case.

Calling the tip line at 719-687-9262 is strongly advised for anyone with information about Berreth.

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