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Comedian Adam Waheed: Is He In A Relationship With Hannah Stocking?

A brief look at ‘Comedian Adam Waheed: Is He In A Relationship With Hannah Stocking?’ Adam Waheed is an internet comedian who posts skits on YouTube and Instagram.

Adam, along with other Vine-era celebrities like Lele Pons, Rudy Mancuso, and Hannah Stocking, is known for creating brief comedic skits with memorable names. Since then, Adam has climbed the Vine rankings to become one of the most popular users on Youtube and Instagram.

He made his acting debut and has since acted in numerous short films, television shows, and mini-series.

Like all of these formerly well-known Vine comedians, he is likely best known for his comic routines on Instagram.

Additionally, he began posting on TikTok, where he has amassed a huge following of over 17 million people and more than 352.7 million likes.

Quick Facts About Adam Waheed

Age: 29
Net Worth: $25 Million
Profession: Social Media Influencer, YouTuber
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: American-Egyptian
Siblings: 3
Style: Comedy
Videos: 546
Subscribers: 9.14M
Years Active: 2017 – Present

Comedian Adam Waheed: Is Adam Waheed In A Relationship With Hannah Stocking?

Hannah Stocking and Adam Waheed have been in comedic sketches together, but they are not romantically involved.

Adam Waheed and Hannah Stocking are both members of the same generation of Vine comedians who have established successful careers on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

The collaborative mindset is one of the elements from their Vine days that has carried over to their new social media platforms.

Comedian Adam Waheed
People believe Adam Waheed and Hannah Stocking are dating because they have acted as lovers in many videos. ( Source : youtube )

Many, if not all, of these Vine stars, are known for appearing in each other’s videos, and whenever a man and woman are involved, they play lovers.

A cursory glance at both Adam and Stocking’s social media platforms will show that they have many “lovers” in their videos and are acting in skits.

However, these creators have favorites, and at least for now, it seems that Adam and Stocking are each other’s favorite collaborations.

Why Do People Think Adam Waheed And Hannah Stocking Are Dating?

One of the reasons why people think Adam Stocking and Hannah Stocking are dating is due to their recent collaborations.

Adam and Stocking recently partook in an eight-part collaboration called A Perfect Match on their respective Instagram pages.

The collaboration was a series of skits that showcased a couple falling in love and all the shenanigans that come with it.

Comedian Adam Waheed
Adam Waheed and Hannah Stocking are frequent collaborators and have been in many videos together ( Source : youtube )

Since many of the fans of these Vine comedians are children, they take a lot of these videos at face value.

So, when Adam and Stocking started appearing on each other’s feeds and in videos that showcased each other as lovers, many believed they had started dating in real life.

However, it was only for the skits; both have posted videos with other people as lovers.

Who Is Hannah Stocking?

Hannah Stocking is an American internet personality who makes comedy skits online like Adam Waheed.

Stocking is one of the most famous faces in the crop of internet comedians who came from Vine.

Her content, much like Adam’s, revolves around funny daily occurrences turned up to an eleven.

Comedian Adam Waheed
Hannah Stocking is an internet personality who is also a model ( Source : pinterest )

She is well recognized for her partnerships with Lele Pons, who may be considered the face of this generation of internet comedians.

Stocking is a model who has appeared in numerous photo sessions. Her modeling career serves as a complement to her comic routines, which is one of the reasons she has become so well-known.

Together, they are increasing her popularity, and it is successful. She has more than 22.7 million Instagram followers, 8.05 million YouTube subscribers, and 26.6 million TikTok fans.

Does Adam Waheed Have A Girlfriend?

Aside from the rumors of him dating Hannah Stocking, Adam Waheed does not seem to be involved with anyone.

Despite his content showing otherwise, Adam is very intent on keeping his personal and public life separate.

He has come a long way from the guy who became famous for making fun of his girlfriend’s makeup routine in 2016.

Comedian Adam Waheed
Adam Waheed has had many “lovers” in his videos over the years ( Source: youtube )

Nowadays, Adam’s Instagram, and other social media platforms, are filled with his skits and other acting work.

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He hasn’t posted anything personal, which sets him apart even from his Vine compatriots, who show bits and pieces of their personal life on social media.

Though not a mystery, Adam has held a tight grip on how the world perceives him.

Adam Waheed’s Family Bio

Adam Waheed’s family, especially his sisters, have become as involved in social media as he has.

Though he hasn’t made the names of his parents available on the internet, he has stated here and there that they are very proud of him.

However, his sisters are the ones who have followed their brother into the social media influencer game. He has three sisters, Gabriella, Subrina, and Galaxy Waheed, who are social media influencers of some note.

Adam Waheed has three sisters, Gabriella, Subrina, and Galaxy Waheed
Adam Waheed has three sisters, Gabriella, Subrina, and Galaxy Waheed ( Source : instagram )

Gabriella Waheed, the oldest, is the most popular out of the three. She is the wife of popular American Football player Emmanuel Sanders and has two children with him. She has well over 655k followers on Instagram. On the other hand, her two sisters have followers in the 30K range.

The second sister, Galaxy Waheed, is a fashion influencer, and her Instagram page is filled with her showing off various brands. She has 30.3K followers, the lowest among her siblings, on the social media platform.

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Lastly, there is Sabrina Waheed, an Instagram model with 39K followers on the social media platform.

How Old Is Adam Waheed?

The internet comedian Adam Waheed is 29 years old and was born on October 29, 1992.

Though he initially wanted to become a football player, a career path he followed to some success while in college, he started making content on social media in 2017. Suddenly, he became hugely popular and had since been making content as a full-time job.

Adam Waheed is 29 years old and has been making content since 2017
Adam Waheed is 29 years old and has been making content since 2017 ( Source : finance )

Adam is one of the most popular and successful internet comedians, and his success has led him to be interviewed and collated by such esteemed institutions as Forbes, among others. He was on Forbes’s Top Creators of 2022 list, where he placed number 31; the year before, he was on the same company’s 30 Under 30 – Social Media list.

What Is Adam Waheed’s Ethnicity?

Adam Waheed’s ethnicity is American-Egyptian and has been a topic amongst his fans.

The internet comedian is one of the few brown-skinned ones amongst his Vine compatriots.

Excited at seeing someone like them gain popularity on the internet, many fans from the middle and southeast started asking about Adam Waheed’s ethnicity.

The social media influencer let everyone know that he is of American-Egyptian ethnicity.

As the internet comedian’s parents have not been revealed to the public, and Adam has not made any attempts to shed any light on his early life, the specifics of his ethnicity are unclear.

Adam Waheed used to play football in college
Adam Waheed used to play football in college ( Source: instagram )

Adam Waheed also differs from many of his countrymen in that he has not made much content that is specifically about his race and ethnicity, unlike someone like King Bach who has made his race and ethnicity the focus of all of his content.

Because of his content’s universality—that is, the fact that it applies to individuals of all races—people may have been misinformed for a long time about his ethnicity.

According to admirers, Adam might be from anywhere in the middle east or the Indian subcontinent.

However, the social media influencer rarely discusses his ethnicity and avoids doing so whenever he gets the chance.

What Is Adam Waheed’s Nationality?

Although he is of American-Egyptian ethnicity, Adam Waheed’s nationality is American.

As stated above, the internet comedian is shy when sharing news about his early and personal life, but he has revealed to the public that he was born in New York City.

Adam Waheed with his mother
Adam Waheed with his mother ( Source : instagram )

What part of New York City he was born in is unclear; it is known that he grew up in the Commack hamlet, where he went to high school in Commack High School. Commack is on Long Island, New York, and has a population of 36,903 as of 2020.

After graduating from Commack High School, the social media influencer went to Southern Methodist University, where he was a part of their football team as a defensive back.

How Much Is Adam Waheed’s Net Worth?

Adam Waheed is an Internet comedian who has a net worth of $25 million as of 2022.

As mentioned above, Adam is one of the most popular creators among the Vine Stars and internet comedians that became prominent in the latter half of the 2010s. Since then, he has amassed a career that has seen him amass 4.8 million followers on Instagram, 9.14 million subscribers on Youtube, and 17 million followers on TikTok.

Adam Waheed on the cover of Tilted magazine
Adam Waheed on the cover of Tilted magazine ( Source : tilted )

What makes Adam special and why he has amassed such incredible net worth is his dedication and steadfastness. Since the beginning of his career, the internet comedian has been very dedicated to the content he has made.

There has not been a stop-gap or break in his career, and he has kept trucking along and still does so.

How Does Adam Waheed Make Money?

As a social media influencer and internet comedian, Adam Waheed’s primary sources of income are his various social media platforms.

It has never been a better time to be a social media influencer than now because once someone has a high enough following, they are paid by the social media platform to make content. For example, Youtube pays $2-$12 per 1000 monetized views, and that too after taking a cut.

Adam Waheed  being interviewed by Business Wire
Adam Waheed being interviewed by Business Wire ( Source : businesswire )

TikTok, too pays its creators, though not at the same level as Youtube. Tiktok pays anywhere between 2 and 4 cents per 1000 views.

These numbers may not mean much by themselves, but when taken into account with the level of dedication that people like Adam Waheed post, it suddenly becomes clear how he has managed to gain such a large net worth.

Does Adam Waheed Do Sponsorships?

One of the reasons why Adam Waheed has been so successful is his many sponsorships and partnerships.

The internet comedian has partnered with such large companies as NFL, Old Spice, Doritos, Samsung, Dr. Pepper, and T-Mobile. By working with these various companies, Adam’s business has made over $7 million in 2021, as per Forbes’ estimate.

Adam Waheed on the cover of Jejune magazine
Adam Waheed on the cover of Jejune magazine ( Source : jejunemagazine )

Also, these companies are only those that Adam has worked with as a partner; he has had countless more sponsorships in his videos and social media posts.

Adam has been described as one of the most sponsorship-friendly creators, which is saying something because almost all of the Vine creators have been great at working with giant corporations and making profits through their collaborations.

Adam Waheed’s Career Earnings

Finding Adam Waheed’s career earnings is a bit of a task because of his many streams of income.

The easiest to decipher would be from his Youtube career, purely because the social media platform publicizes the number of views its content creator makes throughout their career.

For example, Adam created his Youtube channel on October 4, 2015, and uploaded his first video on June 15, 2017.

Adam Waheed  being interviewed by Forbes
Adam Waheed being interviewed by Forbes ( Source: twitter )

He has accumulated a total of 6,118,206,365 views since then. By comparing those views to the compensation YouTube offers its producers, it can be estimated that Adam has earned $73,418,476 throughout the course of his YouTube career. However, as this is at the upper end of the range, the figure is determined by comparing Adam’s views to the $12 per 1000 monetized views.

If his views were assessed at the lower end of the scale, or $2 per 1000 monetized views, the outcome would be $12,236,412.

The internet comic has amassed millions of dollars only from his Youtube channel.

When compared to his other social media platforms and offline endeavors, Adam’s net worth makes sense.

What Is In Store For Adam Waheed In The Future?

Adam Waheed’s career is only getting bigger as the years go by, and he is much more than an internet comedian now.

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Just a few months shy of turning 30, as of this article, the internet comedian has already been making moves in the entertainment industry.

Adam Waheed on Comedy Central's Pitch Please
Adam Waheed on Comedy Central’s Pitch Please ( Source: youtube )

He has recently signed a three-picture content deal with famed television host Jimmy Kimmel’s production studio, Wheelhouse. He has also stated that he would like to work more in acting. The internet comedian’s future is bright and wide open, and who knows what he will come up with next?

Some FAQs

Is Adam Waheed Dating Hannah Stocking?

No, they are simply collaborators

How Did Adam Waheed Become Popular?

He became popular after making fun of his girlfriend’s makeup in 2016

Where Is Adam Waheed From?

He was born in New York City but is of American Egypt ethnicity
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