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Update: Corey Benjamin Daughter Charged For Punching Fellow Competitor In Girls Basketball

Briefly into how ‘Corey Benjamin Daughter Charged For Punching Fellow Competitor In Girls Basketball’ A California mother who gave her daughter the order to punch a 15-year-old girl during a basketball game last year was ordered to pay the girl more than $9,000 on Wednesday.

TMZ reported that Tira Hunt accepted a diversion program to avoid jail, but she was ordered to undergo anger management before she can return to basketball games. She must also issue apologies to the victim, her parents, and the two basketball teams involved in the November 2021 game at Garden Grove.

After the two tumbled to the ground on the court last year, the victim’s mother posted a video of Hunt’s daughter striking the victim in the face. The girl apparently received a concussion in addition to falling to the ground as a result of the strike.

Hunt allegedly told her daughter that the victim needed to be hit just before the attack.

Corey Benjamin Daughter Charged For Punching Fellow Competitor In Girls Basketball

According to reports, the young attacker is Corey Benjamin’s daughter, a former NBA star. He issued an apology for his daughter’s acts in a statement that TMZ was able to receive.

He stated, “I deeply apologize to the young lady who was punched by my daughter during a youth basketball game, and I am praying for your complete healing both physically and mentally.”

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The Dream Academy player can be seen lunging for Lauryn when she stands up and hits her in the head. She collapses to the ground at once.

After the game, Lauryn received a concussion diagnosis, Alice Ham told NBC Los Angeles.

Todd Spitzer, the district attorney for Orange County, claimed that Hunt was to blame for the teen’s injuries.

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“Youth sports are essential for fostering self-control, cooperation, and fair play. It is unacceptable for a grown adult to instruct a child to use violence against another child on a basketball court, Spitzer said. “By teaching her own daughter to use violence, she is not only accountable for harming an innocent child as if she had punched her in the face with her own fist, but she also changed her own child into someone who is willing to harm another child,” the author writes.

In the days after the game, the father of the Dream Academy player, Corey Benjamin, 44, a former first-round draft pick for the Chicago Bulls who played for the team from 1998 to 2003, apologized to his daughter. He told NBC Los Angeles in a statement that he was “shocked and disappointed” by her behavior.

He declared, “This is not a reflection of the standards and values that my family upholds. “Neither does it exhibit the virtues, character, or sportsmanlike spirit that the game of basketball demands? My daughter erred in judgment. She will have to make one right. I promise to get my daughter the support she requires and to encourage her to accept responsibility for her actions.

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