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David DePape trial begins with bizarre conspiracy theories

David DePape and Paul Pelosi appear in footage from body-worn camera footage

Body-worn camera footage appears to show David DePape and Paul Pelosi seconds before DePape attacks Pelosi with a hammer. (via Law&Crime Network)

The trial for David Wayne DePape, accused of using a claw hammer to attack and attempt to kidnap Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, began in a San Francisco courtroom Thursday morning.

During opening statements for his federal trial in the Northern District of California, the 43-year-old’s attorney noted several bizarre conspiracy theories she insists he believes.

Those ideas included his belief in a cabal of elites – among its ranks a disparate group including Tom Hanks, George Soros, and Gov. Gavin Newsom – working to sow ruin into the fabric of American society. But, defense attorney Jodi Linker argued that chief among these fanciful notions was her client’s intent to use the former House speaker as bait for his real target — a college professor and so-called “pedo activist.”

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