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Deakin University lecturer Adam Brown murder sentence of wife Chen Cheng- Son, Partner & Family Tree Details

Deakin University lecturer Adam Brown murder sentence of wife Chen Cheng’ Sadly, University lecturer Adam Brown killed his wife, Chen Cheng, in a ‘rage state.’

A court heard that a former top university lecturer who murdered his wife in a “rage state” has partial amnesia.

Adam Brown appeared in the Supreme Court of Victoria on Friday after pleading guilty to the April 2022 murder of Chen Cheng, 35.

Brown, a senior lecturer in digital media at Deakin University, sat in the dock with his head lowered and crying, surrounded by more than a dozen friends and relatives.

The couple married in 2017 and had a son, Luke, three years later, according to court documents.

Ms. Chen, a Chinese national who migrated to Australia and earned a master’s degree in construction management, was discovered in a pool of blood in their Croydon North backyard soon after 10 pm.

Concerned neighbors had come onto the street approximately 15 minutes earlier after hearing a female voice shouting, weeping, and asking Brown to stop, according to Crown Prosecutor Nanette Rogers SC.

After this terrible incident went viral on social media, netizens wanted detailed information about Adam Brown’s son Luke and his family tree.

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Who Is Adam Brown Son Luke?

Adam Brown’s son’s name is Luke. As aforementioned, Adam Brown and Chen Cheng married in 2017 and welcomed a son, Luke, three years later after their marriage.

Following his mother’s terrible death, people are looking for Luke’s detailed information, but the kid’s specifics are concealed due to the case’s sensitivity.

Very little is known about Adam’s son’s personal life because they lived an everyday life like any other ordinary person till her death. It is a significant loss for Luke because he lost his mother very young.

Deakin University lecturer Adam Brown murder sentence of wife Chen Cheng

As previously said, Chen married Adam Brown in 2017, but their love began to wane after multiple disagreements and conflicts. Despite the disputes, Chen remained steadfast for her family and kid.

After the death of Luke’s mother, Ms. Chen, Luke’s maternal grandmother, Min Liu, said in a victim impact statement read out to the court that she traveled to Australia in early 2020 to care for her daughter for Luke’s birth.

She claimed to have witnessed the couple arguing, with Brown raising his voice and shouting in a “fierce manner” while Ms. Chen kept mute.

University Lecturer Adam Brown Family Tree

Adam Brown was married to his wife, Chen Cheng. They had a wonderful life at the start of their marriage, and three years later, they also had a son called Luke.

People are interested to know about Adam Brown’s family details after they learn that he killed his wife. However, not much has been revealed 

Chen Cheng, Adam Brown’s wife, was characterized as the “entire extended family’s biggest pride.”

Following her marriage to Adam Brown, the couple experienced several difficulties. The couple’s marriage was in jeopardy since they had a toxic connection and fought frequently.

Ms. Chen also had mental illness due to her son’s traumatic delivery and her husband’s precarious work, which regularly led to conflicts between the pair.

Cheng’s mother, Min Liu, stated that her daughter was in an unpleasant and poisonous marriage. As a result, her mother kept in touch with Chen in Australia regularly.

Deakin University lecturer Adam Brown murder sentence of wife Chen Cheng

Ms. Chen “boxed him around the ears and spat in his face” after they began shouting upstairs over future childcare arrangements, Ms. Rogers claimed.

Brown armed himself and attacked Ms. Chen in their kitchen while the conflict raged downstairs.

Ms. Chen had three stab wounds, including a 9cm deep cut to her neck that severed the jugular vein, and 11 incision wounds, according to a post-mortem examination.

Brown exhibited bruises on his chest and arms and a potential bite to his forearm and hand wounds.

A forensic investigation revealed “extensive blood stains” throughout the kitchen, back deck, and lawn.

Chen Cheng’s corpse was discovered in a pool of blood in the backyard of their Melbourne, Croydon North house on April 30 at about 10 pm.

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