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Dean McDermott Addresses Tori Spelling’s Divorce Filing

Dean McDermott, the estranged husband of Tori Spelling, has addressed the divorce filing by his ex-wife in a statement that highlights the couple’s current state of relationship. McDermott, who is 57 years old, expressed that he and Spelling are “good” in their relationship, despite the divorce filing. This statement was made in a video obtained by the Daily Mail, which was released on April 1, 2024, just days after Spelling filed for divorce.

Spelling filed for divorce on Friday, March 29, 2024, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for their split. This decision came 10 months after they separated and about a month shy of their 18th wedding anniversary.

Dean McDermott Addresses Tori Spelling's Divorce Filing
Dean McDermott Addresses Tori Spelling’s Divorce Filing

Key Facts

  • Tori Spelling’s decision to file for divorce and request sole physical custody of their children reflects her desire to protect her family amidst the challenges of their separation. This move underscores the importance of custody decisions in divorce proceedings and the impact they can have on family dynamics.
  • Dean McDermott’s response to the divorce filing, including his regret over his public announcement and his entry into a sober living facility, highlights his personal struggles and his efforts to address them. This situation underscores the complexities of divorce and the personal challenges individuals face during this process.
  • The public’s perception of the divorce and the couple’s separation has been influenced by their public statements and actions. McDermott’s expressions of regret and his efforts to seek help indicate a desire to navigate this difficult time with sensitivity and consideration for his family.

The divorce filing was made public, and Spelling recorded herself informing McDermott about the filing in the debut episode of her new podcast, “misSPELLING.” In the podcast, Spelling left McDermott a voice message asking him to call her back, which he did, leading to a conversation where they discussed the filing and the reasons behind it.

Spelling revealed that she did not discuss the divorce filing with McDermott ahead of time, stating, “I don’t like confrontation.” She explained that she had to file and go through the process before she could call McDermott to inform him, due to the legal implications of who files for divorce first. This revelation was part of the first episode of her podcast, where she shared her feelings about the divorce and the process of filing.

McDermott’s statement about the couple being “good” in their relationship comes after Spelling discussed their relationship and her decision to file for divorce during the first episode of her podcast. Initially, McDermott did not answer the call Spelling left him, leading to her message. Spelling and McDermott share five children together, and the divorce filing marks the end of their 18-year marriage.

The divorce filing and the subsequent podcast episode have provided insight into the couple’s current dynamics and the reasons behind their decision to end their marriage. Despite the challenges they faced, including infidelity and McDermott’s struggles with sobriety, the couple has managed to navigate their relationship with a focus on their children’s well-being. McDermott’s statement about the couple being “good” reflects his commitment to maintaining a positive relationship with Spelling, even in the face of their divorce.

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