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Dick Strawbridge Weight Loss Journey: Before Meets After Photos

Let us explore ‘Dick Strawbridge Weight Loss Journey: Before Meets After Photos’ Dick Strawbridge, a British television star, has maintained his fitness, but his wife has undergone a very inspiring weight loss journey, losing more than 15 pounds.

After bringing their unique characters to the big screen together, the English army engineer and his wife started careers in the show business.

They decided to temporarily depart their cherished castle in August, shocking their devoted followers in the process.

A source claims that after announcing their Dare to Do It tour dates in Australia and New Zealand, the Channel 4 favorites received better offers. As children, son Arthur and daughter Dorothy are also a part of the group. The travels would require them to temporarily leave their home in France. They would come back to reopen their home to lovers wishing to have a fairytale marriage in the country of love.

After learning that their beloved program was ending, fans expressed regret, but Australians were unable to detect their joy when tickets went on sale.

They also opened their doors for couples to get married in France and served as their wedding location, so the schedules are a necessary experience during the hectic summer. But because of the pandemic, the 19th-century Château de la Motte-Hussonfance suffered because the larger assembly was made illegal.

Quick Facts To Know

Full Name Richard Francis Strawbridge
Birthday 3 September 1959
Age 63 years
Alma mater Royal Military College of Science
Occupation Engineer, television presenter, environmentalist
Spouse(s) Brigit A. Weiner ​ ​(m. 1982; separated 2010)​ Angela Newman ​(m. 2015)
Children 4

Dick Strawbridge Weight Loss Journey: Incredible Body Transformation

Lieutenant Colonel Richard Strawbridge is already fit, so he does not need much weight management, but his wife, Angel Strawbridge, went through incredible information.

The television star did, in fact, have to spend a lot of time in front of the camera after realizing she had put on weight. She began an exercise regimen and a healthy diet, eating salad for lunch and dinner. Because she found working out in the gym to be uninteresting, she preferred to do cardio while riding horses or swimming.

In a few days, fruit juice replaced water as her preferred beverage while consuming fish or chicken as her protein source. Her adaptation was made simpler and healthier by the high nutrient content because she did not experience the typical issues linked to vitamin deficiency.

By the time it was all over, she had lost 15 pounds and dropped from 70 kg to 65.

Dick Strawbridge Weight Loss Journey: Before Meets After Photos
Dick Strawbridge Weight Loss Journey: Before Meets After Photos
Dick and Angel Strawbridge are a TV couple best known for doing up a French chateau on a shoestring budget. ( Source: inews )

Her husband, however, may not be as fortunate when it comes to his health, as he has recently spoken out about the potential of passing away. She will undoubtedly outlive her partner in the upcoming years due to their close to the 20-year age difference.

After reading the fact, she got emotional and pleaded with her lover to live 30 years more for her sake. But he is not sacred for his impending end as he wishes her to move on and be happy with their children.

The rigorous army guy, who has already started preparing for his funeral processions, does, in fact, not experience fear in his approach to paradise. His main goal is to sleep close to his French ancestral home. His body would be planted, become food for the earth, and give birth to new life.

He begged her to leave him for a young man at first, so it wasn’t the ideal time to bring up their different ages. Of course, she declined, and she still enjoys having two children.

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Meet Dick Strawbridge Wife & Co-Host, Angel Strawbridge

Dick Strawbridge, a former army officer, and his wife, Angel Strawbridge, co-host the British television program Escape to the Château, and they are happily married.

Their romance began during a 40th birthday celebration she was throwing in 2010, and their story is charming but filled with conflict. Unaware that they shared an agent, the two were introduced since they had similar goals and work ethics. They were initially uncomfortable with one other and barely spoke throughout the night, but their attraction was unmistakable.

Being a gentleman, Dick was concerned when she asked him her age because he knew she was much younger than he was. However, they started talking to one another and agreed to spend their Christmas together. He decided against divorcing her after realizing she was right that one night.

Despite how much fun they were having, he requested her to date a younger man since he didn’t want to be a jerk. He advised her to look for a man her age, but she declined his suggestion.

Meanwhile, Angel never wavered in her decision and was certain he was the one from the moment they met. She didn’t give aging any thought because, to her, it was just a collection of numbers.

In addition, he was more eager and passionate about life than people his age, and she found his enthusiasm contagious. She loved his spirit and his determination to achieve his goals. In November 2015, the engineer proposed marriage to the woman.

Now, there are parents to two kids, Arthur Donald, eight, and Dorothy Francis, seven.

But this is not the first time the 63-year-old fell in love as he married his first wife, Brigit A. Weiner, in 1980 and fathered two children. After three decades, they had enough and parted ways in 2010.

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About The Life Story Of Dick Strawbridge, From Military Man To British Television

63-year-old Parents Jennifer and George Strawbridge had seven children total when Richard Francis Strawbridge was born.

They were Middle Eastern oil employees who had become an additional mouth to feed after his landing on September 3, 1959. Dick lived in Burma during the day before relocating to Northern Ireland to attend Ballyclare High School.

Dick later completed his O levels to qualify as an army officer, and in 1979, he was commissioned into the British Army. He joined the Royal Corps of Signals after a year and was soon promoted to lieutenant, captain, and major.

After being awarded a Member of the Order of the British Empire, his contribution was recognized, although he ended his active duty in 2001.

After the first stage of his life was complete, he appeared on television shows and offered his opinion on the topic of creating an environment.

Before his family was asked to participate in It’s Not Easy Being Green, he really established himself as a regular on the BBC challenge.

By 2006, he was a one-off presenter for Coast, but his major break came only after he and his son James filmed the 20-part ITV series The Hungry Sailors.

He then reached the height of his fame after he and his partner, Angel Adoree, bought, refurbished, and turned the Château de la Motte-Husson in France into a television series.

Lieutenant Colonel Richard Francis Strawbridge purchased Château de la Motte-Husson in 2015.
Dick Strawbridge Weight Loss Journey: Before Meets After Photos
Lieutenant Colonel Richard Francis Strawbridge purchased Château de la Motte-Husson in 2015. ( Source: otakukart )


Has Angel Strawbridge left the chateau?

  • Dick and Angel Strawbridge, who starred in Escape to the Chateau, have revealed that they would be leaving their cherished home behind.

Are the Strawbridge’s still together?

  • One of the most popular TV couples is Dick and Angel Strawbridge. The couple wed in 2015; they are parents to two kids; and since 2016, they have starred in Channel 4’s Escape to the Chateau.

How much is the Strawbridge chateau worth now?

  • The home the couple purchased cost them £280,000 but is now worth almost $2 million.

Has Escape to the Chateau finished?

  • Dick and Angel Strawbridge of Escape to the Chateau have said a tearful goodbye to their live show. After five weeks on the road, Dick and Angel’s family’s tour, dubbed Dare to Do It – So Much More to Say, has come to an end.
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