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Does infamous influencer Andrew Tate have lung cancer? Controversial influencer asked to undergo bronchoscopy

Does infamous influencer Andrew Tate have lung cancer?’ Controversial influencer Andrew Tate, is currently entangled in accusations related to human trafficking and money laundering. He has garnered a substantial following of over 6.5 million Twitter followers. Rumors surrounding his name have proliferated across social media platforms, with one such rumor focusing on his alleged battle with lung cancer.

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Amidst a series of tweets and interviews, Tate has been divulging various truths. In a recent interview, he addressed the speculation surrounding his health and disclosed the truth about his purported lung cancer. To uncover further details regarding his current health condition, keep reading.


Does infamous influencer Andrew Tate have lung cancer?

During the recent PDB podcast hosted by Patrick Bet-David, Andrew Tate was questioned about rumors surrounding his health conditions, “Lung cancer and then you were poisoned in these matrix attacks so they can planting these stories and they making these things up.” Tate explained, “So the cancer thing is interesting because by Romanian law, every 30 days to extend the arrest, there has to be new information.They can’t extend the arrest based on the previous information.So they put together all this garbage case and they arrested me for 30 days to keep me another 30 days.They have to find something during that 30 day arrest period to keep me for the second month. But of course, there’s nothing to find”

Does infamous influencer Andrew Tate have lung cancer
Does infamous influencer Andrew Tate have lung cancer

He further explained, “So when I was having medical scans in Dubai, a scar, a dark spot was identified on my lung and I had follow up tests booked for February. So when after the 1st 30 days, I called up my PA and she said, ‘are you coming to Dubai?’ I said, ‘well, yeah, if they let me go at the end of these 30 days, I’ll come to Dubai for my medical tests’. They took that conversation and shown it and she used it in court saying I’m trying to flee the country and trying to escape the judicial system as motivation for the second month’s arrest.”

The influencer then continued to explain about the procedures he needed to go for to check up on his health condition while in jail. He confirmed in the end that, “It’s not as poor as people think it is. And I went to a private hospital and I knew it wasn’t cancer. I knew it wasn’t.”


Why was Andrew Tate asked to undergo bronchoscopy?

When questioned about the medical procedures he had to undergo, Tate explained, ”I sat down with the doctor and [he] said, ‘we’re really concerned about this dark spot in the lung’ and I said, ‘it’s not cancer.’” He further explained, “So I went to the doctors here in Romania, everything leaks, it leaked out to the press. I had this mark on my lungs. I had a bronchoscopy.”

He explained about the procedure, “So it’s not that it’s down your throat, but it’s in your lung. It’s not down your throat, it’s into the airway. So you’re trying to vomit and you’re trying to cough and you can barely do either. And they’re moving this camera around inside… is extremely unpleasant.” He disclosed the terrible experience he had with the bronchoscopy procedure in detail before telling the podcaster about his clean bill of health. He said that the doctors, after the procedure told him. “Well, the good news is, there’s precisely zero smoking damage on your lungs and your lungs are perfect.”


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‘He’s unstoppable’

One user wrote, “His own manager and best friend said he had lung cancer lol”. But a fan of Tate wrote, “They HATE Andrew Tate but he’s unstoppable”. Another user wrote, “He’s looked very unwell and stressed since the jail time. The matrix destroyed him! Hahaha” 


Comments left on Andrew Tate (Valutainment/YouTube)
Comments left on Andrew Tate’s podcast interview (Valutainment/YouTube)

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