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Emily Fazzino Murder Case- How Did Alex Fazzino Wife Die?

Emily Fazzino Murder Case’ People want to know about the Dateline Emily Fazzino murder. Be with us till the end to learn deeply about Dateline Emily Fazzino murder.

Emily Fazzino, a native of Boone, Iowa, was discovered dead in her toilet in January 2012, shocking her family and friends.

Yet as the inquiry progressed, a heated argument developed over how she died, with detectives concluding that she was killed.

The disturbing case is explored in depth in N.B.C.’s “Dateline: The Silent One,” which details the various hypotheses surrounding Emily’s death and the resolution that gave her loved ones the answers they had been looking for four years.

We can help if you want to learn more about the Dateline Emily Fazzino murder case.

Emily Fazzino Murder Case

Dateline Emily Fazzino Murder Or Suicide

On Thursday, the defence attorneys for Alexander Fazzino called witnesses who knew some part of Emily Fazzino’s life or death.

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Husband found not guilty in death of Fareway heiress | wqad.com

On the ninth day of her husband’s first-degree murder trial, they both gave testimony.

Police assert that on January 29, 2012, in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. Resident Alexander Fazzino, 41, killed his wife. After Alexander Fazzino dialed 911, a Police officer in the couple’s House found Emily Fazzino dead on the bathroom floor.

A forensic psychiatrist from Delaware named Dr. Neil Kaye confirmed that suffocation was probably Emily Fazzino’s “mechanism of death.”

A person experiences asphyxia when their oxygen supply is cut off, which results in unconsciousness or death.

Yet, according to Kaye’s testimony, the death was “accidental.” The other acknowledged choices are undetermined, homicide, natural causes, and suicide.

The autopsy was conducted by Dr. Michele Catellier, a state medical examiner, who labeled Emily Fazzino’s cause of death as “undetermined.”

Yet, Catellier had previously stated during the prosecution of Alexander Fazzino that she supported “homicide.”

According to Kaye, the term “accidental” suits the data: Emily Fazzino had previously reported fainting twice, was in a slippery environment and had “substantial pharmaceuticals in her system,” including the blood pressure-lowering medication Clonazepam.

How Did Alex Fazzino Wife Die?

Eventually, Alex and Emily gave birth to three children: daughters Coco and Ricky and sons Nick and Ricky. After returning to Boone, the family hired Alex to work for his father-in-law.

The following years were happy for the pair, and Emily was delighted to be a devoted wife and mother.

Tragically, on a terrible night in 2012, the Fazzinos’ seemingly ideal lives were irrevocably altered. Alex took care of the children on January 29 while Emily took her nightly bath upstairs.

He checked on her in the restroom when she hadn’t returned for around 30 minutes and found a terrifying scene.

In her bathtub, Emily, 32, was immersed while the water was still running. Her husband ran to rescue her from the bathtub in a terrified state and did his best to revive her.

Alex then dialed 911 and asked for immediate assistance while attempting CPR on Emily as directed by the on-call operators.

She was found lying on her back on the bathroom floor with a bluish hue to her body when the police and the paramedics got on the scene. Emily was transported to the hospital immediately, but sadly, she could not be saved.

The victim’s husband made a startling discovery while everyone pondered if the death might have been caused by unintentional drowning.

More Details on Emily Fazzino Murder Case

Alex disclosed to the authorities that his wife had been battling prescription medication addiction for 12 months.

Less than a week before Emily died, the couple filed for divorce, severely damaging their marriage and asking for joint custody of the children.

Alex asserted during interrogation that she had most likely committed suicide or overdosed on drugs.

Oddly, the toxicology result revealed the opposite, even though Emily had no drugs at her death.

In addition, the state medical examiner reportedly found injuries on her head and neck, which suggested that the death was not a tragic accident.

The final autopsy report concluded that the cause of death was unknown, despite Alex’s claims that the injuries might have happened when he dragged Emily out of the water, and she hit her head.

The fact that he was a leading suspect in her death and that many people believed he had killed her after an altercation added to his fears.

The detectives consulted a second medical examiner, and after reviewing the victim’s autopsy results, he concluded that the death was likely the result of a homicide.

According to the second story, Alex was detained and charged with first-degree murder in April 2013.

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