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English Car Trader Mike Brewer Illness 2023 – Info On Wife Michelle Brewer

English Car Trader Mike Brewer Illness 2023′ update is one of the most searched topics on the internet. So, here’s everything you need to know about his health condition.

Mike Brewer is an English car trader turned motoring television programs presenter. He is famous for presenting Wheeler Dealers on the Discovery Channel with Marc “Elvis” Priestley.

Since 1997, Brewer has been active in this field, and he has gained broad experience and fans too. The Discovery Channel hired Brewer in October 2003 to present Wheeler Dealers.

Apart from being in the television line, Brewer is also a businessman. He opened Mike Brewer Motors in 2012 and is still looking after the business. He has also started the UK’s only annual awards for used car dealers.

English Car Trader Mike Brewer Illness 2023

Mike Brewer came into the spotlight after his presence on Wheeler Dealers, but after he disappeared from the show, people began asking questions about his health.

However, no records of Brewer having any serious health issues exist. The topic of his illness came into the media when he talked with Express about one family in particular that left him in tears.

English Car Trader Mike Brewer Illness 2023
English Car Trader Mike Brewer Illness 2023

Back in April 2022, Brewer recalled the story of a man called Mark, who was dealing with a devastating condition. While talking with Express, Brewer said Mark had got a debilitating illness that would render him unable to move within the next 18 months to two years. 

He also admitted that Mike cried when he first met Mark. During that interview, Brewer also recalled helping a carpenter named Simon, who suffered a bad accident.

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What Is Wrong With Michelle Brewer Husband Health?

At the time of this post, there are no records of Michelle Brewer’s husband, Mike Brewer, having been diagnosed with any diseases. As described above, the topic of his illness came into the media when he recalled some moments of other figures who were dealing with illnesses.

So, we can be clear that Mike is doing well and busy with his professional career and business. As we know, he is still a car trader and runs businesses with his wife in Luton and Sheffield.

Mike is the Patron of Seesaw Oxford Charity and the Sporting Bears Motor Club. So, we can also see him at live events raising money for good causes. Also, he serves as the Chairman of Coventry Transport Museum and ambassador for Ben Charity, Gardx and Ford.

Where Is Mike Brewer Now?

Mike Brewer is busy with his business, and we can get updated on his ongoing lifestyle by following him on Instagram, where he is registered as @mikebrewer. His IG account has already been verified and has gained over 351k followers.

Meanwhile, Brewers spends quality time with his wife Michelle, with whom he has been married since 1992. They are also the proud parents of a loving daughter named Chloe Brewer. The family of three lives together.

However, Brewer prefers to keep his personal matters to himself and does not post much about his married life on his social media handles. 

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