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Fans Think Tom Selleck Is Leaving Blue Bloods- Why? Health & Illness Explored

Fans Think Tom Selleck Is Leaving Blue Bloods- Why? Health & Illness Explored

 Fans Think Tom Selleck Is Leaving Blue Bloods- Why? Health & Illness Explored’ American actor Tom Selleck is best known for playing private eye Thomas Magnum in the television series Magnum, P.I.

For Best Lead Actor in a Drama Series, Selleck has received a nomination. In the American police procedural drama television series Blue Bloods, he played Francis Xavier Reagan, the commissioner of the New York City Police Department.

Tom is an actor and a co-founder of the Character Counts! Association, a former member of the California Army National Guard, a spokesperson for the National Rifle Association (NRA), and an advocate of the National Review publication.

Tom enlisted in the California National Guard after being selected for the Vietnam War and spent more than five years in the 160th Infantry Regiment of the California Army National Guard. In addition to acting, the actor participated in baseball for the USC Trojans before switching to the men’s basketball team during his junior season.

When it was announced that Tom Selleck was leaving the hit television series Blue Bloods, fans began to worry about his health.

Fans Think Tom Selleck Is Leaving Blue Bloods- Why?

After online advertising circulated the word that actor Tom Selleck was leaving the long-running CBS program “Blue Bloods,” Selleck fans assumed he was leaving Blue Bloods.

Readers who clicked on the deceptive advertisement were taken to a page on starstruck24.com where they were purportedly able to buy “Blue Bloods S11” for $27. The website resembled an online store, complete with a “add to cart” button next to a description of Blue Bloods and a photo of Selleck, it was discovered after further examination.

Tom Selleck in Blue Bloods.
Tom Selleck in Blue Bloods. ( Source: people )

Moreover, Snopes confirmed that the ads surrounding Tom’s departure were a hoax. In an interview with PEOPLE, Tom appeared to address his and the show’s endpoint, indicating that he would continue to play Frank Reagan throughout the show’s run.

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What Happened To Tom Selleck? Explored

Tom Selleck seems to be in good condition, but he did acknowledge that his body had let him down and that getting older had started to hurt him. He resides on his Ventura ranch in California with his wife, Jillie.

As we age, we all get weak and exhausted. Our bodies weren’t functioning as well as they once had. In order to maintain the proper functioning of our bodies, we must pay greater attention to our health and nutrition.

Similar to how Tom’s body underwent some odd alterations, nothing is known about his sickness, and we are hoping he is unaware of any disorders. Other than this, the actor’s life has not changed.

Tom Selleck Health And Illness Update 2022

Selleck seems to be in good physical shape and is in good health. After express.co.uk published an article about his health, there was online speculation about his poor health.

Tom, who plays Frank, had difficulties breathing and needed to maintain his “stamina” on set, so he had grown “weary of the Hollywood grind” and desired retirement, according to one of the articles.

According to a different source, the actor had been using potent steroids to treat arthritis that had been affecting his joints and range of motion for a long time. This could explain why some observers saw that he walked with a slight limp.

Rumors circulated that Tom had chronic arthritis pain and that his stunt duplicate had appeared in some of the film’s sequences.

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