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Florida school coach Yuniesky Ramirez-Martinez arrested for filming $exual act between 2 minors and forcing ‘girl to have $ex with him’

Florida school coach Yuniesky Ramirez-Martinez arrested’ A coach has been arrested for surreptitiously filming two 16-year-old students engaging in a $ex act and later blackmailing one of them into having $ex with him too, as per authorities. Yuniesky Ramirez-Martinez, 37, of Weston, was arrested on Monday, February 20.


Florida school coach Yuniesky Ramirez-Martinez arrested

He was charged with promoting a $exual performance by a child, offences against students by authority figures, and solicitation of $exual battery by an authority figure, according to the City of Doral Police Department. Ramirez-Martinez, who was a part-time security monitor and sports coach at Downtown Doral Charter Upper School, allegedly approached two students at the school and asked the female student if she was going to perform oral $ex on the other student while he filmed. He then took the teens to a private room so that they could “do whatever they want.” According to the warrant, Ramirez-Martinez took the teens to a TV production room and filmed them performing a $sex act from a camera in the adjacent room with a two-way window. The accused then proceeded to fist-bump the boy and gave the duo a thumbs up before encouraging “both juveniles not to fall in love because they are too young,” as per NBC Miami

Florida school coach Yuniesky Ramirez-Martinez arrested
Florida school coach Yuniesky Ramirez-Martinez arrested



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Ramirez-Martinez asked girl ‘to have $ex with him’

The next day, Ramirez-Martinez reportedly approached one of the teens and told her that he had watched what she did with the male student and tried to persuade her to perform the same $ex act on him, arguing that she needed to be with someone more experienced, the arrest warrant said. He then continued to pester her and when the girl protested that she was under 18, Ramirez-Martinez responded that he likes minors like her. After repeatedly badgering her for $ex and threatening her that he would tell the other teen that they were having $ex if she refused his advances, the girl finally reported him to the school officials, the warrant stated. 


Yunieski Ramirez-Martinez terminated from school

School principal, Kim Ortiz, said in a statement to NBC Miami that the school immediately reported to Doral Police after hearing the allegations. “As a result of their investigation, The Doral Police Department arrested Yunieski Ramirez who was employed as a part-time security monitor and athletic coach,” the statement read. “Ramirez was immediately terminated as an employee with Downtown Doral Charter Upper School and has NOT been on school grounds since the initial report,” the principal added. “DDCUS continues to cooperate with all law enforcement authorities and cannot comment further on the investigation.”


‘Extremely dangerous’

Doral Police Chief Edwin Lopez called Ramirez-Martinez was “extremely dangerous.” He continued, “This is somebody who’s victimizing students, who’s preying on them, taking advantage of students who are in a unique age in their life hormonally, dealing with the pressure of social media, the pressure of different relationships. You are an authority figure in school, you’re supposed to coach, you’re supposed to mentor, you’re supposed to guide these young men and women into the next phase of life and you’re taking advantage of them, for us it gets no worse than that.” Ramirez-Martinez was reportedly hired just a few months ago at the school as a part-time security monitor. “Within his first few weeks on the job he’s already committing several felonies, so we’re glad to put people like this in jail,” Lopez added, as per NBC Miami. 

According to the records, Ramirez-Martinez remained held in lieu of a $40,000 bond at Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center on Wednesday. It was unclear whether he had an attorney to speak on his behalf.

Disclaimer : This is based on sources and we have been unable to verify this information independently.

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