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Former Love Is Blind star Nick Thompson is about to become homeless – Says Netflix series ‘exploited’ him

Former Love Is Blind star Nick Thompson about to become homeless’ Nick Thompson, who appeared on the second season of ‘Love Is Blind‘, a Netflix reality show, has revealed that he is facing the risk of losing his home after being unable to find a job since his appearance on the show in 2021. He claimed that he was paid very little for his participation in the show.

According to the Daily Mail, Nick was paid only $10,000 for 10 weeks of filming, which amounts to $7.14 an hour, less than the national minimum wage of $7.25 in 2021. Nick also said that he has not received any residual pay from Netflix, despite the show’s ongoing popularity and success.

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Former ‘Love Is Blind’ star Nick Thompson is about to become homeless

Will Nick Thompson become homeless?

“I was fired in November. I’m having a really difficult time finding [a new] one,” he admitted to the reporters. “I spent all of my savings and drained my 401(k).

Former ‘Love Is Blind’ star Nick Thompson about to become homeless
Former ‘Love Is Blind’ star Nick Thompson about to become homeless

I’ve got two months left in the bank to pay my mortgage.” Nick also alleged that he and the other contestants were ‘exploited’ by the producers and psychologists during the filming of the show and that they had no control over their lives or privacy. “They’re just making that money because reality TV is extremely cheap to produce, and they can continue to do so through the strike,” he said before adding “We were manipulated, our triggers were utilized against us. Anything that we shared with a producer or with a psych exam was weaponized against us.”

It ‘ruined his life completely’

According to Nick, taking part in “Love Is Blind” “ruined his life completely.” He claims that he would want to worry less about paying his mortgage and return to living the pleasant life he had created for himself. He claims that the show treated him like a prisoner and that his personal information was misused. “You are filming 18 to 20 hours a day,” he alleged. “And while it doesn’t always imply that you’ll always be on television, you are mic’d up from the time you arrive in the morning until you depart. Then when you go home at the end of the day, you’re locked in your hotel room without a key without your wallet without money without identification. You are held captive like a prisoner and there is no reason that you shouldn’t be considered an employee when you’re technically under the control of your employer for 24 hours a day,” he added.

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Get on the right side of the issue right now

Nick later co-founded the Unscripted Cast Advocacy Network (UCAN), whose mission is to offer reality TV stars legal and mental health support. Additionally, he is in favour of giving reality TV stars equal labour rights and compensation by unionizing them. He claimed that former “Real Housewives of New York City” star Bethenny Frankel, who has called for a “reality TV reckoning” and suggested that reality TV stars should earn residuals for their shows, is his inspiration. Nick implores Netflix to take action and treat reality actors fairly. “They have a great opportunity to lead in the industry and get on the right side of the issue right now,” he remarked. Nick also said that he is open to talking with them, but they need to start treating writers, actors, and reality cast members properly. He further added that they are going to write themselves out of business if they don’t.

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