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George Alan O’Dowd A.k.a Boy George Found Guilty Of Kidnapping Audun Carlsen- Chained Against His will

Exploring George Alan O’Dowd A.k.a Boy George Found Guilty Of Kidnapping Audun Carlsen’ Boy George allegedly abducted Audun Carlsen. Boy George is portrayed by Norwegian Audun Carlsen as a cruel sociopath while being chained to a radiator.

Norwegian Audun Carlsen, the man Boy George bound to a radiator, paints Boy George as a vicious psychopath. Poor Carlsen claimed that while he was being held captive, he believed that insane George “would kill him” and assault him with a box of “sex toys.”

Carlsen was locked up at his London house during a naked photo shoot in April 2007, and George was found guilty in December 2008 of imprisoning Carlsen without authorization.

Carlsen feared for his life after the pop star, George O’Dowd, brought in another man, who has not been identified, and the two started to abuse him.

Carlsen was paid as a model and denies he was working as an escort at the time. Be with us and know did Boy George Kidnap Audun Carlsen.

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George Alan O’Dowd A.k.a Boy George Found Guilty Of Kidnapping Audun Carlsen

Boy George Kidnap Audun Carlsen: Did He Attempt Murder?

Boy George was found guilty of holding a male escort against his will.

Audun Carlsen, 29, who alleged that the 46-year-old former Culture Club Leader (real name George O’Dowd) had shackled him and beat him with a metal chain, won the jury’s support in a London court.

The musician, who is best known for the 1980s singles “Karma Chameleon” and “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me,” acknowledged handcuffing the escort but claimed that he did so because he thought the man was messing with his computer.

George Alan O'Dowd A.k.a Boy George Found Guilty Of Kidnapping Audun Carlsen
Boy George and Audun Carlsen. (Source: The Mirror)

The musician reportedly had a dejected expression as the judgment was announced, according to the UK Press Association. Prior to his sentence on January 16, the singer was released on bond.

Boy George might potentially serve jail time, according to Judge David Radford. According to CNN, he stated, “The fact that your bail is being maintained does not mean that this would be dealt with by a non-custodial punishment.” “I don’t want any erroneous hopes to be raised,”

Who is Boy George’s Partner?

Boy George is not currently believed to be dating anyone. He announced that he was single in an Instagram post in 2015.

When he was a member of the Culture Club, his androgynous appearance garnered a lot of media attention, and there was conjecture regarding his sexual orientation.

Boy George was invited by Diana Ross to perform on stage. He never outright denied being gay, but he did provide a range of responses when asked about it in interviews.

Boy George Kidnap Audun Carlsen
Boy George With @hatdorable Harriet Thorpe @samantharenke (Source: Instagram )

When Barbara Walters questioned George about his sexual preferences in 1985, George responded that he was bisexual and had a number of girlfriends in addition to partners.

He once said in an interview that he would rather have “a nice cup of tea” than have intercourse. George claimed to have had illicit encounters with Culture Club drummer Jon Moss and punk rocker Kirk Brandon in his book Take It Like a Man.

Drug Abuse Case On Boy George

George struggled a lot with heroin addiction in the late 1980s. During this time, he was consuming so much heroin that he was trying to perform on stage while high (and occasionally failing).

He was detained for possessing heroin in 1986. In that same year, George’s London residence was the scene of the overdose death of Culture Club keyboardist and co-writer Michael Rudetsky.

His decision to get therapy was cemented when two more of his friends succumbed to overdoses shortly after.

George Alan O'Dowd A.k.a Boy George Found Guilty Of Kidnapping Audun Carlsen
Boy George’s Instagram image captioned We come in peace! (Source: Instagram)

Boy George was detained in Manhattan in 2005 for “reporting a bogus burglary” and possession of cocaine. He was forced to participate in a drug rehabilitation program and given a five-day community service term.

Boy George allegedly assaulted an escort with a metal chain while chained to a wall in 2007. As a result of the event, he was charged with assault and false imprisonment in 2008 and received a 15-month prison term. Due to his outstanding behavior, he was freed early after four months.

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