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Inside look At Gianni Decenzo And Melissa Rivera Relationship Timeline- Age Gap, Parents Explored

Taking an ‘Inside look At Gianni Decenzo And Melissa Rivera Relationship Timeline- Age Gap, Parents Explored’ For over two years, “The Cobra Kai” actor Gianni DeCenzo has been romantically associated with his girlfriend, Melissa Rivera. Many people are curious about the young pair because they are head over heels and constantly appear on each other’s Instagram.

Gianni Decenzo is most known for his role as Demetri, which has brought him fame and established him as an enthusiastic performer. Gianni has been pictured with many different ladies on-screen, but in real life, he only has one particular woman on his mind.

She is Melissa Rivera, his girlfriend, whom the actor shares a passionate affection for.

Quick Facts on Gianni DeCenzo

Full Name Gianni DeCenzo
Nick Name Gianni
Profession American actor
Age (2022) 21-years old
Birth Date 27 October 2001
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California, United States of America
Zodiac sign Scorpio
Famous for Appearance in Cobra Kai’s 3rd season
Relation status dating
Girlfriend Melissa Rivera
Siblings Brother (Anthony DiCenzo)

Inside Gianni Decenzo And Girlfriend Melissa Rivera’s Relationship Timeline

Gianni Decenzo, who didn’t want to conceal his relationship status from his viewers, often publishes love photographs with Melissa on Instagram. The young actor Gianni Decenzo and his girlfriend, Melissa Rivera, have been in a relationship since November 2019.

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Rivera shared numerous adorable photos of herself and her boyfriend on November 3, 2020, along with the message “Happy 1” and a heart emoji. After a year, on November 3, 2021, Rivera and DeCenzo posted a collection of images to Instagram to mark their second anniversary.

Miss Teen California USA posted the photo to wish her a happy second anniversary. The “Cobra Kai” actor also posted meaningful messages alongside their images with Rivera from that day.

Gianni Decenzo And Melissa Rivera
Gianni DeCenzo and Melissa are in romantic relation for over two years
Gianni DeCenzo and Melissa are in romantic relation for over two years ( Source : instagram )

Instead of keeping their romance a secret, the adorable couple proudly displays their love for one another to the world. Amazingly, the young lovers are still strong despite Melissa’s rigorous performance schedule and Gianni’s commitments to her acting career. They are neither engaged nor married, though.

Melissa Rivera and Gianni Decenzo Age Gap: Recognition at an Early Age

Since they are both in their early 20s, Melissa Rivera, Gianni Decenzo’s girlfriend, does not have a significant age gap. Rivera was born on April 8, 2001. The talented actor was born in Los Angeles, California, on October 27, 2001.

At age 8, he asked his mother when he would be able to appear on TV. When she saw that, his mother took a few photos and sent them to some agents.

Later, he was cast as Demetri in the popular American martial arts series “Cobra Kai” after appearing in several commercials and short films.

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DeCenzo has had diabetes since he was 13 years old, and at age 15, he received a type 1 diabetes diagnosis. In one of the interviews with The Permanent Rain press from a year ago, he said that although having the sickness was difficult, he did not have to let it affect him.

Melissa River is a beauty pageant winner
Melissa River is a beauty pageant winner ( Source : instagram )

On the other hand, fans probably want to learn more about Gianni Decenzo’s girlfriend. Although Decenzo is a well-known actor and has played several noteworthy roles, his spouse cannot be said to have the same recognition.

But in addition to being a beauty pageant winner, Melissa River is also an influencer. According to Rivera’s Instagram account, she had previously competed in the Miss Richmond Teen USA pageant and won the title of winner.

Not to mention that she will compete in Miss Teen California, representing Richmond, her hometown.

In addition, she tried out for “America’s Got Talent” in 2018. And Rivera earned her high school diploma in June 2020, proudly sharing the accomplishment with her fans. The young lady thinks herself fortunate to have Gianni as her boyfriend.

Gianni Decenzo Parents

Gianni Decenzo, an actor, was born in Lancaster, California, to parents who had previously worked in the entertainment business. DeCenzo’s motivation to become an actor came from watching his parents perform before he and his older brother Anthony were even born.

Gianni Decenzo And Melissa Rivera
Gianni DeCenzo is blessed to have supportive parents ( Source : instagram )

Tanner Buchanan’s co-star Gianni disclosed that his parents met in an acting class during a Cryptic Rock interview and that he also proposed to his mother there.

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His family moved to Santa Clarita, near Los Angeles, when he was a small lad. That was done to gain him additional acting roles in the United States.

Some FAQs

Who is Gianni Decenzo’s girlfriend Melissa River?

Gianni Decenzo’s girlfriend Melissa River is an influencer and beauty pageant queen. Earlier she participated in the Miss Richmond Teen USA competition. The couple has been together for over two years now.

What is Gianni Decenzo and Melissa Rivera’s age gap?

The young couple Gianni Decenzo and Melissa Rivera doesn’t have a huge age gap. They both are in their early 20.

Who are Gianni Decenzo’s parents?

Gianni Decenzo’s parent’s personalities are not disclosed. However, they are very supportive of their children.

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