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Hero Mom Saves 3 Children Kidnapped At Knifepoint In Las Vegas

Amazing! ‘Hero Mom Saves 3 Children Kidnapped At Knifepoint In Las Vegas’ A brave Nevada mother covertly called 911 after she and her three children were kidnapped at knifepoint by a man in Las Vegas, FOX 5 reports.

Hero Mom Saves 3 Children Kidnapped At Knifepoint In Las Vegas

Authorities claim that 34-year-old Justin Junius Carter first tried to knife the mother before forcing her and the children into a car and taking off.

The mother was able to call 911 soon after midnight on Monday when Carter was operating the car around Mesquite, Nevada, which is 80 miles northeast of Vegas. Later, she told the dispatchers that she was being imprisoned.

“The distressed caller was eventually able to quietly speak to the dispatcher, stating she was inside of a vehicle and needed help, but was not able to provide many details,” the Mesquite Police Department said in a press release.

Dispatchers were able to determine the woman’s location, prompting officers to locate and stop the vehicle.

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Officers saw indications of a crime immediately and detained Carter, who is being held in the Clark County Detention Center. He is facing multiple charges, including four counts of second-degree kidnapping in violation of an extended protection order, attempted murder, attempted sexual assault, and domestic battery with the use of a deadly weapon, according to St. George News.

The woman and Carter had been in a relationship previously.

Police said the incident demonstrates why police often follow up on accidental 911 calls or cases of “pocket dials.”

“Dispatchers frequently receive ‘pocket dial’ or accidental 911 calls, and an officer is sent to each one of those calls to check on the caller and everybody else there,” the Mesquite Police Department said.

'Hero Mom Saves 3 Children Kidnapped At Knifepoint
Justin Junius Carter

“The incident . . . is exactly why we make these calls a priority. Excellent work by dispatchers and officers to make that family safe!”

In a written statement, Mesquite Police Chief Maquade Chesley applauded the mother and children for their courage.

“The bravery of this woman and her children cannot be overstated. They maintained their composure, and she bravely created a plan in her head to call for help as soon as she could,” Chesley said, according to NBC News.

“I am grateful the dispatchers and officers working that night were ready to jump into action without hesitation to find and rescue these victims from such a terrifying experience. Their swift action and persistence to gather information from the 911 call saved this family from further harm.”

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