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Hero RJ Long Gave His Life To Save classmates in the Rose State College shooting

Hero RJ Long Gave His Life To Save classmates in the Rose State College shooting’ Rose State College Shooting: What happened? Who Was RJ Long; he is reported to be the victim of the recent shooting. Everything the internet has on his Wikipedia Age And Parents.

On Monday, April 25, 2023, a shooting occurred at Rose State College in Midwest City, Oklahoma.

The incident resulted in the death of a victim, who has not yet been identified; however, some sites claim RJ Long was the one who lost his life in the recent tragedy.

Likewise, the arrested suspect name has been revealed; he is identified as 30-year-old Brandon Morrissette.

Coming towards the suspected victim, RJ Long, was one of the students at Rose State College. As per the current updates, he became the victim while trying to save one of his classmates in the shooting.

Who Was RJ Long? Wikipedia Age And Parents

So, who was RJ Long; well, there isn’t much available on him on the internet now; besides, he was the hero who gave up his life to save one of his classmates in the recent Rose State College shooting. 

He was just an ordinary college boy; thus, there is no dedicated Wikipedia page for him. However, his last-moment heroic act may become the reason, and he may be featured soon, as the world wants to know more about him. 

Hero RJ Long Gave His Life To Save classmates in the Rose State College shooting
Hero RJ Long Gave His Life To Save classmates in the Rose State College shooting

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Talking about RJ Long’s age, he was just 20 years old. His untimely death broke the hearts of his parents and close ones. 

Sadly, there are no details on Long’s parents. His father and mother’s details are still behind the curtain. They haven’t come in front to explain their recent loss.  

However, the same can’t be said for Long’s sister. She was the one from his family to share the news of his death. Further, some claim his mother also confirmed the sad news.

Speaking about Long’s sister, she goes by the name Mykeel Long. She took it to Facebook and shared her thoughts. Further, she also opened a Go Fund Me page for her brother funeral writing,

“Hi my name is Mykell Long, My little brother RJ Long lost his life for protecting someone else’s.”

Mykell also added, “He had the kindest heart, and he lit up any room he walked in.” 

Now it is not official if Mykell is actually related to RJ Long, but if she is, then, for her posts, we can say he grew up in a Christian household. He has a nephew from his elder sister’s side.

Moreover, the late Rose State College student was a good son to his parents and a great guy. 

As per the site, the 20 years old was at Rose State University pursuing a degree in Christian apologetics.

Hero RJ Long Gave His Life To Save Classmates in the Rose State College shooting

Rose State College Shooting Case Update 

By now, it’s clear that a man was shot and killed by a guy on Monday at Rose State College in Oklahoma. Further, it was reported no other injuries occurred in the tragedy, and soon the campus was locked down for a brief period.

Per reports, Brandon Morrissette (suspected shooter) shot the victim, who is speculated to be RJ Long, with a pistol outside the Humanities Building, following a domestic situation between the two.

Long died while attempting to defend a classmate from her violent spouse, according to his acquaintances and passerby.

Soon after the shooting took place, many broadcasts covered the news, and Rose State College also updated others with the news through its official Twitter account.

“ROSE ALERT: We are currently experiencing an active shooter situation on campus. Please shelter in place and follow instructions from law enforcement officials. More information to follow as it becomes available.”

Later Rose State updated with another tweet explaining things were under control. 

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