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How Many Children Does Shamima Begum Have? Where Is Shamima Begum Now 2022?

Exploring Begum ‘How Many Children Does Shamima Begum Have? Where Is Shamima Begum Now 2022?’ One of the infamous young jihadi brides who emigrated from her country to join ISIL in 2015 is Shamima Begum.

She joined the militant organization at the age of 15, after her companion Sharmeena Begum. Shamima is the bride who is open to the media the most out of the four.

She had previously revealed her difficult existence in ISIL to the world and expressed a desire for a quick exit. But as of February 2019, the Home Secretary canceled her British citizenship.

The U.K. government is confident that Shamima won’t ever be let to leave because of her connection to a recognized terrorist organization.

How Many Children Does Shamima Begum Have?

Shamima Begum & Her Husband Yago Riedijk Are Parents To All Three Deceased Children

Ten days after the 15-year-old left her home in the United Kingdom and arrived in Syria, she was married off to Yago Riedijk, another IS member.

Yago, who is of Dutch descent, is around eight years older than Begum. They quickly became parents to a total of three kids.

Unfortunately, none of the kids survived to adulthood, and as of 2022, the couple is childless and regrets joining ISIL.

Shamima Begum is married to fellow Dutch turned ISIL Muslim, Yago Riedijk.
Shamima Begum is married to fellow Dutch turned ISIL Muslim, Yago Riedijk. ( Source: metro )


In the early years after joining ISIL, Shamima mostly maintained secrecy about her location and whereabouts; as a result, the deaths of her first two children were kept a secret from the general population.

But the tragic death of her third child, Jerrah, moved a lot of people in the UK. He passed away from pneumonia when he was less than three weeks old.

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Begum gave birth to Jerrah in a refugee camp and buried him there, BBC reported.

He was given his first sibling’s name, and as required by law because he was born before his mother’s citizenship was withdrawn, he was born in the United Kingdom.

In an interview with BBC that same year, Shamima Begum expressed her desire to raise Jerrah discretely in the United Kingdom as she had grown distant from ISIL.

She did not regret joining the organization, but there were several things on which she did not agree.

A 2019 picture of Shamima Begum with her late third child, Jerah.
How Many Children Does Shamima Begum Have? Where Is Shamima Begum Now 2022?
A 2019 picture of Shamima Begum with her late third child, Jerah. ( Source : bbc )

Begum was grieving the loss of her youngest child while her husband was being imprisoned in a nearby prison and received the news of the death while being detained there.

At the time, the couple was attempting to immigrate to the Netherlands and the United Kingdom so they could live there as a family.

However, because Shamima was a minor when they got married in 2015, Yago and Shamima’s marriage might not be recognized under Dutch law.

What Happened To Shamima Begum Friends In 2022?

The young group of best friends Shamima Begum, Amira Abase, and Kadiza Sultana were referred to as “jihadi brides” after they traveled to the IS zone in February 2015.

After their buddy Sharmeena Begum relocated to ISIL in December 2014, the three were cited as some of the ISIL’s youngest recruits.

Despite the fact that all four of them attended Bethnal Green Academy, Shamima and Sharmeena are not related.

The updates on these females, due in 2022, may shatter many people’s hearts. Shamima and her husband have tried unsuccessfully to enter their country despite realizing their error and requesting media assistance.

According to the allegation, a Canadian intelligence agent brought Shamima Begum and her two pals into Syria, and Britain and Canada afterwards plotted to cover up their involvement. It would imply that a member of the Western intelligence community assisted her in finding a jihadi husband, even arranging her bus tickets. https://t.co/ffxcWikBJH
How Many Children Does Shamima Begum Have? Where Is Shamima Begum Now 2022?

Since her Bosnian fighter husband was slain in February 2019, Sharmeena Begum has been listed as missing. Since Shamima Begum reported in June 2018 that she last saw her companion in Baghuz, she has not been seen or heard from.

Amira Abase and Kadiza Sultana, two more pals, are in a similar situation; their current whereabouts are unknown.

All four are now despised by their loved ones, close acquaintances, and the general public in their own country.

Shamima Begum and her two pals, meantime, were allegedly brought into Canada illegally to work for IS, according to the latest publication “The Secret History of the Five Eyes.”

Begum’s lawyers challenged that she was a trafficking victim and to remove her British citizenship ban, per Daily Mail UK.

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Where Is Shamima Begum Now in 2022?

Begum, who gave birth to three children who all passed away at a young age, now resides in a detention center in northern Syria. The top court’s ruling made no inference that the British authorities were aware of the circumstances surrounding her smuggling into Syria.


Shamima Begum Do Not Share A Good Bond With Her Parents And Family

Shamima Begum is estranged from her parents and family in the infamous case of the Bethnal Green three because of citizenship difficulties.

Her mother’s name and whereabouts are unknown, but her father, Ahmed Ali, currently resides in a village in northeastern Bangladesh.

The elderly Mr. Ali addressed the dreadful situation between his daughter and the British government in a 2019 interview with BBC’s Anbarasan Ethirajan, but he has not been heard from since.

Ali had expressed regret to the people of Britain for Shamima’s actions in joining ISIL at a young age, but he said Begum’s citizenship should not be revoked.

Shamima’s mum hasn’t said anything in the interim. According to OP India, the jihadi bride at first attributed her choice to relocate to Syria to her mother.

She claimed that one of the major reasons she joined ISIL was because her complicated connection with her mother “did not make her feel loved.”

The Bangladeshi-British family had thought that the trio had simply traveled to Syria to bring back Sharmeena Beguk after they learned of Begum and her friend’s disappearance, but that did not happen.

Shamima is still battling the U.K. government in court in order to enter the nation.

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