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Footbal Player: Is Ryan Tafazolli Married? Wife And Dating Life on Footballer

‘Is Ryan Tafazolli Married? Wife And Dating Life on Footballer’ Ryan Tafazolli, a football player, has been dating Lillie Grace. The 30-year-old CB spent a season with Hull City before moving to the EFL League One in 2020. Ryan played in a few games for Hull City before leaving the organization. He signed a contract with the football team Wycombe Wanderers in September 2020, and on September 19, 2020, he made his debut.

Throughout his career, he has represented a number of lower-tier English teams, but he has never had the chance to compete in the coveted Premier League. Tafazolli spends a good deal of his time online in addition to his time at the beach. Ryan received a lot of media attention as a result of his web content.

He is a Youtuber with a Youtube channel by his name where he uploads vlogs of training and match preparations, gaming videos, etc.


Full Name Ryan Sirous Tafazolli
Age 30
Born September 28, 1991
Birthplace Sutton, England
Nationality British
Height 6 ft 5 in (1.96 m)
Profession Football Player
Team Wycombe Wanderers
Married Status Unmarried
Net Worth $700,000


Ryan Tafazolli currently plays for Wycombe Wanderers in League One
Ryan Tafazolli currently plays for Wycombe Wanderers in League One( Source : Eurosport )

Does Ryan Tafazolli Have a Wife Or Girlfriend?

As was previously mentioned, Ryan Tafazolli is not yet married and does not have a wife. He is not, however, a bachelor. The Wycombe Wanderers defender is devoted to Lillie Grace, his girlfriend.

Although Tafazolli might be reluctant to discuss his romantic relationships and long-term connection with Lillie on social media, she is not. On his Instagram, there are hardly any images of Grace, leading one to believe that he is not dating anyone.

However, there are several images of them on his bae Lillie Grace’s Instagram. Given that she is an Instagram model, it is clear that she would not keep it a secret from the public. Regarding the question of when the pair started dating, the specific response is still unknown since the couple has not disclosed it.

However, glazing through Grace’s Instagram, the first ever picture of them together was uploaded on July 21, 2020. Hence one would surmise that Ryan and Lillie began dating somewhere in mid-2020. And the fact that the English player did not make any noise about it, most internet users were convinced that he was not dating anyone. And again, he posted a video on his youtube channel of the two playing FIFA, so their relationship might have started a long time ago. 


Ryan Tafazolli and girlfriend Lillie Grace on a small set
Ryan Tafazolli and girlfriend Lillie Grace on a small set ( Source : instagram )

Defender Ryan Tafazolli Dating Life With Partner Lillie


Ryan Tafazolli, 30, and Lillie Grace have not revealed when their relationship started, but based on internet evidence, it may have started much earlier than 2018.

They have so entered their fifth year together. The Wycombe Wanderers center-back posted a gaming video on his YouTube channel in November 2018. Even though the video was removed from his channel, a copy is still available on Twitter. The caption of the film read, “We pack Super In Form Reus + another enormous walkout from an Ultimate Pack! Division 1 Rewards!

Who Is Ryan Tafazolli Partner, Lillie Grace?

Lillie Grace is a social media celebrity who shot to stardom by sharing Reels and photographs with motivational remarks on her Instagram account.

Born in 1999 in London, England, the social media influencer is 23 years old. The age difference between her and Ryan is around eight years, as he will soon turn 31 at the end of September.


Lillie Grace is British model and social media influencer
Is Ryan Tafazolli Married
Lillie Grace is British model and social media influencer ( Source : smfigure )


Many people mistake her name for Lilly, but her name does not have the letter y. She is a well-known British model, blogger, digital content creator, TikTok star, and influencer in fashion, lifestyle, and vigor.

She enjoys modeling, dancing, acting, and traveling. But she has a strong pull in modeling. Lillie Grace has worked with several reputable and well-known businesses.

Lillie Grace Is More Popular Than Ryan On Instagram

Grace maintains the @lilliegracep Instagram page with more fan following than that of his boyfriend, Ryan. Her account @ryantafazolli has 556k followers, while Ryan’s Instagram has 61k followers. She frequently posts pictures of herself in stylish attire and displays them on her Instagram. 

One can discover postings on the newest fashion trends, exciting places to visit, reviews of products, and more on her social media accounts. She is renowned for her gorgeous looks, endearing smile, fashionable sense, and sexy personality. She has starred in advertisements for several prestigious companies.


Who Is The Richest Between Two? Net Worth Comparison

Lillie Grace beat Ryan Tafazolli in the social media followings, but does she have more net worth than him? Well, it turns out this round goes to Ryan. He reportedly has an estimated net worth of around $700K while his girlfriend Lillie came a few hundred short at $300K.

The League One player has played in many different clubs, and his wages and salary vary with each club, so it is difficult to track how much he earns in a year. He joined the third-tier English club Wycombe Wanderers in September 2020. Ryan is thought to have made a total of about £600,080 for his games before his arrival on September 19, 2020, and an average weekly salary of about £7,500. 

In contrast, his lover Lillie’s net worth of $300K is earned through her modeling career and advertisements. She owns a car from a Toyota company, and her annual average income is more than $50K.

Ryan Tafazolli Wages Throughout His Career

Year Team Annual Salary Weekly Wage
2020 Hull City £244,400 £4,700
2019 Peterborough United £88,400 £1,700
2018 Peterborough United £88,400 £1,700
2017 Peterborough United £88,400 £1,700
2016 Mansfield Town £37,960 £730
2015 Mansfield Town £32,760 £630
2014 Mansfield Town £32,760 £630


Ryan Tafazolli girlfriend Lillie owns a Toyota car
Is Ryan Tafazolli Married
Ryan Tafazolli girlfriend Lillie owns a Toyota car ( Source : instagram )

Instagram Model Lillie Grace Height

Lillie Grace is 5 feet and 5 inches tall (or 1.67 meters in height), whereas her partner and English footballer Ryan Tafazolli are precisely a foot taller than her; he stands at a towering height of 6 feet and 5 inches (1.96 m) according to his Wikipedia

Moreover, the stunning model has maintained her hourglass-shaped body measuring 55 kg in weight. One of the things that fans care about the most is the physical condition of celebrities. Physical attributes like height, weight, and eye color have historically trailed behind others in terms of beauty.

Grace’s body measurements are 32-28-34. Meanwhile, her hair is brown, and her eyes are a dark brown tone. She has gorgeous, big captivating eyes and beautiful, silky hair.


Ryan Tafazolli has a towering height of 6 ft and 5 inches, a foot taller than his other half
Ryan Tafazolli has a towering height of 6 ft and 5 inches, a foot taller than his other half ( Source : instagram )

Ryan Tafazolli Parents Are of Iranian Descent

Despite making his home in London, England, Tafazolli is originally from Iran. His parents immigrated to Great Britain from Iran many years ago.

Tafazolli, who was born on September 28, 1991, in Sutton, Greater London, England, aspired to represent his ancestors’ country of Iran in 2017. Players like Gary Cahill, John Stones, Eric Dier, and Kyle Walker are all vying for the defense position on the English national team, where there is always fierce rivalry for every position.

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Tafazolli recognized the circumstance and reasoned that he had little chance of playing for England, therefore he sought a spot on the Iranian national football team. But things also did not go well for him in Iran. He was therefore unable to represent Iran.

To this day, the 30-year-old has not made a single international appearance.


Ryan Tafazolli is born of Iranian descent
Is Ryan Tafazolli Married
Ryan Tafazolli is born of Iranian descent ( Source : bucksfreepress )

Ryan Tafazolli Career Facts And Highlights

  1. Tafazolli began his football career in 2005 after being accepted into the Southampton Academy. Later, he served as the manager of both the reserve team and the successful under-18 young team.
  2. He then moved to Salisbury City of the Conference Premier in 2009, where he played in five league games and one FA Cup contest before making his career debut against York City that year. He played three times in the FA Trophy in 2011 while spending three months with the Southampton Academy, where he had previously played.
  3. In 2012, Tafazolli agreed to a contract with Conference side Mansfield Town. The 21-year-old Ryan played for Mansfield Town from 2012 to 2016 and netted eight goals while making his professional debut on March 8, 2014, against Newport Country.
  4. On June 6, 2016, he signed a three-year deal with League One outfit Peterborough United. Wycombe Wanderers and Hull City both contacted him after that.
  5. Tafazolli joined Hull City in 2019 but only made his team debut in 2020. He left Hull City quickly after making an appearance for a few games. He then signed for Wycombe Wanderers in September 2020.
  6. Additionally, Ryan has received several accolades throughout his career. Awards include Chairman and Director’s Player of the Season and Fans’ Player of the Season. These trophies greatly aided his ability to stand out among the younger players.
  7. He was also awarded Peterborough’s best player of the 2016–17 season and distinguished himself as the group’s top defender at that period.

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