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Is Youtuber EDP445 A.K.A Bryant Moreland In Jail? What We Know

Let us find out…’Is Youtuber EDP445 A.K.A Bryant Moreland In Jail?’ In 2020, EDP445 was found $exting a minor and spent a few days in jail. read more about the charges and arrest of the YouTuber.

EDP445, aka Bryant Moreland, was probably the biggest name in the YouTube scene until the year before. One error of his flipped everything around for the content maker. 

The considerable love evaporated quickly, and nearly everyone abruptly disposed of him. He was captured after he was found with 4k while heading to get a cupcake. 

The YouTuber is known for his tirade recordings which were somewhat unseemly. He was administering the stage on the grounds of affection and backing by individuals.

 Concerning YouTube, it likewise wouldn’t give him the brilliant play button saying that his channel was ineligible to be granted the control, despite the shortfall of any local area rules strike or copyright claims.

Is Youtuber EDP445 A.K.A Bryant Moreland In Jail?

Youtuber Edp445 AKA Bryant Moreland, Is He In Jail?

Before all his big scandals destroyed his career, EDP445 was highly popular in the Youtube space. He was mainly involved in American football and a passionate abettor of the Philadelphia Eagles. 

Bryant opened his first channel on June 13, 2012, and arose a freestyle rap video. By February 2020, his Youtube channel had excelled to 1 million subscribers.

Eagles Super Fan ‘Edp445’ Responds to Being Exposed as Alleged Pedophile (Source: Side Action)

Unfortunately for Bryant, it all collapsed a few months later, in June 202, after Preator Poachers captured him on camera. His channels were first denationalized and then deleted altogether.

He soon tried to transfer his videos to a Youtube backup channel named Some Ordinary Gamers; however, that channel was also closed down.

After the scandal, he felt away. Bryant never came back to social media. His Youtube was never reinstated, and he lost all entry to the platform. 

He also can’t be found on Twitch, Tiktok, Twitter, and Instagram and seems disoriented into thin air. While some people think he is in jail.

Bryant is still a free man and is not in prison; there is no other information on his whereabouts.

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EDP445: Arrest And Charges

EDP445 was temporarily under arrest. However, the information about his arrest was not made visible to the public. In June 2020, EDP445 was caught questioning the cynicism of child admonishment and pedophilia.

Later, the predator poacher group, led by Alex Rosen, captured him on camera as he tried to communicate with an underage girl.

Although nothing explicitly convicting in the video, no thorough examinations were ever carried through, especially as this wasn’t EDP445’s first pedophilia charge.

He was arrested after the public Fire the Police for not taking action quickly enough, even after the video went viral.

Is Youtuber EDP445 A.K.A Bryant Moreland In Jail
YouTuber EDP445 Allegedly Caught Trying to Meet 13-year-old Girl (Source: The Daily Dot)

Moreover, other platforms like Youtube and Reddit prohibited the vlogger from entering their platforms; the Californian Police remained notably quiet.

Though EDP445 was questioned, his case was never registered in court. The Youtuber was finally released after paying an unrevealed bond fee.

However, EDP445 was believed to be not charged for the incident. 

What Did EDP445 Do?

In 2020, Youtube penalized EDP445 by removing him from all his platforms after finding he had been messaging minor girls.

The former Youtuber had multiple platforms channels, each focusing on various subjects like gaming, vlogs, and cooking. The news of his degenerate tendencies came to the public light after a video was posted to a channel named ‘Chet Goldstein.’

The Chet Goldstein channel uploaded a video asserting that the Youtuber was having a $exual conversation with minors and even making arrangements to meet with them.

EDP445 reportedly sent $exual texts and pictures to a girl who was only claimed as a 13 years girl. While chatting, the lure drew EDP445 to Bakersfield in California, where he thought of meeting the underage girl.

The entire conversation between both men was live-streamed on Youtube. Everybody saw Rosen and another rapacious hunter named Ghost defy EDP445 for over an hour over his misconduct. In the end, EDP445 and Chet Goldstein were removed from Youtube. 

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