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Leoda Bradshaw faces charges over murder-for-hire in Jamaica

Leoda Bradshaw, appears in the center; Toshyna Patterson appears on the left; and Sarayah Paulwell appears on the right.

Left: Toshyna Patterson; Right Sarayah Paulwell (Jamaica Constabulary Force) Center: Leoda Bradshaw

A member of the U.S. Navy who claims to be the spouse of a Jamaican member of parliament is being detained there over a complex murder-for-hire plot that killed his lover and their 10-month-old daughter in a fit of rage last month, authorities in the island nation say.

Leoda Bradshaw, a petty officer and cook stationed in Miami as part of a recruiting team, stands accused of two counts each of murder, conspiracy to murder, kidnapping, and conspiracy to kidnap,  Jamaican prosecutors say.

Jamaican prosecutors say she hired two hitmen to kill Toshyna Patterson and her daughter Sarayah Paulwell in a jealous rage after discovering that her romantic partner was the child’s father.

“Both were brutally murdered and their bodies disposed of,” Kingston Deputy Commissioner of Police Fitz Bailey said at a press conference last week, according to Task & Purpose. “It is one of the most painful investigations for the team since recent times.”

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