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Matthew Terry Murder Trial Of Kay Baker In Hillsborough County-

Exploring ‘Matthew Terry Murder Trial Of Kay Baker In Hillsborough County’ A jury will decide the fate of a man who is accused of fatally stabbing his lover while she was running away. Thomas Robertson In Florida’s Hillsborough County, Terry, 47, is on trial. Teacher Kay Baker, 43, was the victim’s profession. Watch it in the video up top.

Matthew Terry Murder Trial Of Kay Baker In Hillsborough County-

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office has said Terry got upset with Baker during a visit to the Landing Bar & Grill the night of May 27.

“I saw you dancing with that guy,” he allegedly said.

Early the next morning, a male witness heard screaming and discovered Baker dead outside a home, according to a redacted affidavit.

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Investigators said they followed a trail of blood to Terry in overgrown brush and trees. Terry was “found only wearing a t-shirt and underwear soaked in apparent blood,” deputies said. He had lacerations on his fingers and hands, as well as superficial cuts to his arm, authorities said.“ The defendant also had two apparent stab wounds along each side of his neck, which appeared to be symmetrical and clean punctures,” the sheriff’s office said. “The defendant declined to make any statements without legal representation.” Based on the blood pooling where he was, authorities suggested these were self-inflicted wounds.

Prosecutors seek the death penalty.

Terry was convicted in Michigan in 2017 for a similar attack on another girlfriend. The charge was assault with intent to do great bodily harm.

He was released in 2020.

The survivor, ex-girlfriend Michaelle Rogers, reportedly started dating him in 2015 and they had a child together.

“He comes across as a very normal, caring person,” she told WTSP. “He just had a very likable personality and he could get people to believe pretty much anything he wanted them to.”

[Booking photo via Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office]

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