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Meet Naomi Battrick: Everything About The Cast Of ‘The Serpent Queen’

‘Meet Actress Naomi Battrick: Everything About The Cast Of ‘The Serpent Queen’ English actress Naomi Battrick is well recognized for her parts in British television programs. Over the years, she has made numerous film and television appearances. She will also be seen in the upcoming series The Serpent Queen. The discussion that follows goes into further detail on her social and personal life.

The actress is best recognized for her starring roles in the films Waterloo Road and Jamestown.

The gorgeous British actress is most recognized for her role as Jocelyn Castell in the British series Jamestown. Castell is a woman who moved to Jamestown, Virginia, from England to establish a new life.

The actress is also in the cast Of Jamestown. Jocelyn’s character has captured the actress’s heart as she is in a different class than the other two girls. Her character is brilliant and politically astute. In Jamestown, she makes things happen right away. She is a firm believer in women’s equality. Jocelyn, Alice, and Verity are three incredible women in the show.

Full name Naomi Faye Battrick
Birthday 11 April 1991
Age 31
Nationality English
Residence London
Height 1.67 m (5′ 6″)
Eyes Blue
Hair Blond

The Serpent Queen: Meet Naomi Battrick Wiki And Bio -Who Is She?

The 2012 thriller Blood, in which English actress Naomi Battrick played the part of Miriam Fairburn, was one of the numerous movies in which she has starred.

She joined the cast of BBC One’s Waterloo Road in January 2014 as Gabriella Wark, the new girl, and in 2015, she agreed to star in Crossing Lines’ third season as ICC Agent Ellie Delfont-Bogard.

Meet Naomi Battrick: Everything About The Cast Of 'The Serpent Queen'
Meet Naomi Battrick
Naomi Battrick stars as Ann D’Etampes in the series The Serpent Queen. ( Source: instagram )

She has portrayed Samuel Castell, Mrs. Later Widow, and Jocelyn Woodbryg in the Sky One program Jamestown starting in 2017. He has a lengthy acting resume and consistently performs well.

She began her playing career on the big screen in 2008, and according to her IMDb bio, she has appeared in close to 36 acting films. Additionally, she might have participated in a lot of plays and shows even before that.

The actress has always had a strong desire to pursue acting as a career, which is why she has put in a lot of effort to be where she is now.

Her fans are excited to see her perform because there are still more of her projects that have yet to be launched.

5 Interesting Facts About The Cast of The Serpent Queen Naomi Battrick

Meet Naomi Battrick: Everything About The Cast Of 'The Serpent Queen'
Meet Naomi Battrick
Naomi Battrick and her partner went on a Ferris wheel, and she posted this in her Instagram handle. ( Source : instagram )
  1. Ben Starr, a Jamestown-born co-star who previously appeared in the drama Doctors, is Naomi’s lover. Additionally, the adorable couple announced their romance to the world in 2016. On social media, the pair is frequently pictured together. The actress and her lover have enjoyed memorable experiences together, like going on a Ferris wheel. While she hasn’t shared many photos on her boyfriend’s Instagram, Naomi has on Ben Starr’s. She’s presumably attempting to limit her boyfriend’s use of social media.
  2. In a cameo on The Bill, Naomi made her acting debut as Miranda Roscoe. Alongside Dominique Moore and Rakie Ayola, she also secured the role of 15-year-old band member Toyah Swann in the CBBC production of My Almost Family. The actress played Grace Jacobs in TV programs like Casualty and Doctors after the series concluded in 2009.
  3. Naomi Battrick’s earnings may be significantly higher given that she has a net worth of $400,000 as of 2020. Her involvement in movies is the main source of her income. The actress has a wide range of brand agreements and endorsements because she is a well-known individual. She also works as a model and participates in photo sessions. The public is unaware of the actress’ involvement in any other ventures, including her own business.
  4. The attractive actress is very active on social media. She enjoys communicating with her followers and informing them of recent events in her life. She also publishes images from her excursions and activities. From her social network handles, Naomi appears to be a pleasant, upbeat, and adventurous girl. her username on Instagram is @naomifayebattrick. Also, her Twitter handle is @NaomiBattrick
  5. In addition, the actor has made appearances in movies. In 2011, she made her debut in the short film Stray. Later, she had appearances in movies including Una Noche and Blood (2012), where she played Miriam Fairburn. The actress starred in the BBC One school drama Waterloo Road in 2014 as the new girl Gabriella Wark. Additionally, she appeared as ICC Agent Ellie Delfont-Bogard in Crossing Lines’ third season in 2015. She appears in Endeavour in 2019 and was a key cast member of the Jamestown television series from 2017 to 2019.
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