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Meet Evan Handler Wife, Elisa Atti: Info On Children, Siblings & Parents

Let us quickly ‘Meet Evan Handler Wife, Elisa Atti’ With his stunning wife Elisa Atti by his side, American actor Evan Handler is getting ready to make a comeback with And Just Like That.

The bald man is well-known to longtime SATC watchers on HBO because Charlotte, one of the main characters, had a crush on him.

The program caused a stir when it first aired in the 2000s and has since gained cult status. Only repeats were available for the younger generations to enjoy, and they did so admiringly.

But HBO Max announced they were going to give the characters a new life with previous cast members Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis joining in on the fun. With the first two episodes arriving on the 9th of December, people still wonder about the absence of Kim Cattrall, who played Samantha in the original series and its big-screen sequels.

The trailers had the ladies, who had aged beautifully still in their signature attires as they strutted across the streets of New York and battled with more problems thrown their way.

Handler was one of the few omnipresent men, having a happily married life with Charlotte, plated by Kristin Davis.

Now, he gets to dive back into the mindset of Harry, who made him a star overnight.

Quick Info:

Evan Handler
Born January 10, 1961
Age 61 years
Spouse Elisa Atti (m. 2003)
Children Sofia Clementina Handler
Parents Murry Raymond Handler, Enid Irene Handler
Siblings Lowell Handler, Lillian Handler

Meet Evan Handler Wife, Elisa Atti

Who Is Elisa Atti? Evan Handler Wife

The only lady love in the heart of American actor Evan Handler is his beloved wife, Elisa Atti.

He said his vows around the same time his on-screen persona Harry married his love interest Charlotte.

Indeed, the wedding day was a private ceremony in October 2003 with few guests. 

According to sources, they got hitched in their favorite around-the-corner restaurant on the Upper West Side in front of no more than a hundred guests. They had even a translator for the sake of Elisa’s Italian relatives.

The gesture truly showcased how much they cared for each other. The pair looked joyous and giggled to one another as their happiness held not bound.

Meet Evan Handler Wife Elisa Atti
Evan Handler wishing his wife happy wedding anniversary.
Evan Handler wishing his wife happy wedding anniversary. ( Source : twitter )

But the road to matrimony was full of troubles as they belonged to different faiths. He was a jew while she got raised catholic, but the families did not make a fuss and let them be together in peace. 

Besides, she was not part of his fame or fortune, as she earns well enough as a medical researcher. 

Throughout the years, the pair have been supportive of each other work, appearing cozy in arms on the red carpet appearance while encouraging behind the scenes. 

But they were always quiet when asked as they prefer anonymity. It is painfully apparent that they are each other’s best friends as the paparazzi catch them together doing mundane chores. 

Little known to most, his life came to a full spot when he got diagnosed with Leukemia in his 20s. 

Despite the challenges, he successfully defeated the disease. After the initial treatment, he faced AML recurrence, with repeats in fifty percent of the cases.

Having had enough of the illness, he even thought of ending his life but gathered his wits and remained alive and well together.

The first phase of AML treatment was gruesome, getting blasted with chemotherapy to kill fast-growing cancer cells. But the treatment had its cons as it also attacked the healthy cells because the drug was unable to tell the difference.

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Meet Evan Handler Child Sofia Clementina Handler

American actor Evan Handler adores his only child, Sofia Clementina Handler.

She entered the world in January 2007, four years after the couple committed to eternity. They did not crumble under the pressure of society and raised their family on their terms. 

Indeed, Handler has been vocal about the joys of becoming a father, documenting his journey on his new blog entry for Graco.

He wrote about his partner’s hesitation about becoming a mother, fearing her maternal instincts would not kick in. 

Having first-hand experience with the emotional turmoils of motherhood gave him a new outlook on life as he assured other ladies that their feeling remained justified. 

Meet Evan Handler Wife Elisa Atti
Evan Handler with Daughter at HBO MAX ‘And Just Like That’ World Premiere.
Evan Handler with Daughter at HBO MAX ‘And Just Like That’ World Premiere. ( Source : shutterstock )

The lady had always put her career first and got worried if she would be able to love her offspring. But she was wrong as he wrote she was glowing with love and oozing enjoyment and tenderness of their 14-month-old.

Although it took some time, his wife has become obsessed with the newborn, digging out the old photo albums to look at pictures the minute the baby fell asleep. He remained stunned by her complete personality change, but he was not surprised. 

Meanwhile, Sofia is a child genius, counting letters in the Italian language, courtesy of her mother’s heritage coupled with that of their Italian nanny.

He gave up when he found out that her favorite book, Ci vuole un fiore, was an Italian literary piece. 

When she is not investing her mind in learning two languages, she adores splashing around the tub during bath time as it has been her haven. Her toys are good enough company, calling it her favorite place to be.

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Evan Handler’s Parents And Siblings

Evan Handler, best known for playing Harry Goldenblatt, a divorce attorney and later husband of Charlotte York, lived in Cortlandt, New York, with his parents and siblings. 

Born on January 10, 1961, he is the son of Enid Irene, a mental health administrator, and Murry Raymond Handler, an agency owner, and advertising designer.

He got raised secular Jewish with his two siblings, a brother, Lowell Handler, and a sister Lillian Handler.

Indeed, his brother shared his knack for artistry, as he now works as a photographer, narrator, writer, and associate producer. One of his celebrated works includes Twitch & Shout: A Touretter’s Tale. 

There are whispers of him sharing blood with television host and comedian Chelsea Handler. 

During a segment of the most googled questions, she faced the same queries, replying she asked him the same question, which he denied. 

Meet Evan Handler's Wife, Elisa Atti
Evan Handler, the 52-year-old actor, author, and screenwriter who is perhaps best known for his roles in HBO’s show.
Evan Handler, the 52-year-old actor, author, and screenwriter who is perhaps best known for his roles in HBO’s show. ( Source : copingmag )

But his enthusiasm for sarcasm was not his only quality, as he was academically gifted. He graduated from high school early, as and flew off to New York City. 

By then, he had a blur idea of what he wanted for life and scored an internship with Chelsea Theater Center. The opportunity opened many doors for the struggling artist, getting a part in the Off-Broadway plays Biography: A Game and Strider: The Story of a Horse.

Eventually, he got accepted by the Juilliard School as a member of the Drama Division, where he met Kevin Spacey, Ving Rhames, and Elizabeth McGovern during his four-year programs.

But his career did not let him finish his degree, as the numerous roles compelled him to drop out. The 1981 film Taps was the last straw as he realized an academy’s acknowledgment of his work was far less than being on set.

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Some FAQs

Does Evan Handler still have leukemia?

Meet Evan Handler Wife Elisa Atti

Actor Evan Handler, currently appearing in “Californication,” defied statistics and survived leukemia.

Is Evan Handler related to Chelsea Handler?

Both Chelsea and Evan Handler are stars, and they have the same last name. But according to a Wired video with Chelsea Handler, the two are not related.

What episode does Charlotte get married to Harry?

Charlotte and Harry’s wedding day arrives on season six episode eight.

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