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Meet Oli London Husband, Danny Richardson: The Two Plastic Surgery Fanatics Married In Late June 2022  

Exploring the fanatic couple ‘Meet Oli London Husband, Danny Richardson: The Two Plastic Surgery Fanatics Married In Late June 2022’ An English musician, actor, and social media sensation by the name of Oli London. Oli uses the pronoun “they” and self-identifies as non-binary. They are well renowned for undergoing numerous plastic surgeries as well as other alteration operations in order to resemble Jimin from the South Korean boy band BTS.

Additionally, London is renowned for its “transracial” identity. Due of his racial transformation, which some people find rude, Oli has a reputation for being contentious.

2013 saw The Influencer go to Seoul for a year to teach English, during which time he developed an interest in South Korea. Many Korean words and phrases were taught to London by their Korean co-partner, but the celebrity claims that due to their weak memory, the co-partner nearly forgot everything.

London also researched the culture of the country and became acquainted with a number of South Korean musical acts.

The English superstar grew particularly fond of BTS and started to look up to member Jimin. The English began having treatments to match Jimin’s facial features that same year. It was said: “Without a doubt, he has changed over time. However, he has a babylike appearance throughout, from his round, endearing face to his breathtakingly beautiful eyes and smile.”

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Meet Oli London Husband, Danny Richardson: More On Married Life And Age Gap

Danny Richardson and Oli London are wed as of right now. In a magnificent ceremony conducted in the center of London, the English internet celebrity and the 19-year-old Danny exchanged vows.

Because they both enjoy having their bodies altered, the couple, who assert that a topless priest oversaw their service, made sure that it had a plastic surgery theme.

The topless priest allegedly performed the ceremony the day following the couple’s official nuptials at a registry office in late June. Oli has already experienced two “marriages.” According to Oli, they were wed to a Jimin from a BTS cardboard cutout. In 2020, they got rid of the cardboard cutout.

Currently, the influencer is funding Danny’s plastic surgery so he can mimic the K-pop artist they both like. According to Oli, who became well-known on Doctor Phil’s talk show, “I was looking for an actual Korean at first, but it didn’t work out, so I married Danny instead.


Oli London Is Married to 19-year-old Danny Richardson
Meet Oli London Husband, Danny Richardson: The Two Plastic Surgery Fanatics Married In Late June 2022
Oli London Is Married to 19-year-old Danny Richardson ( Source: newsweek )


“When I initially met him, we clicked right away, and things have only been better since then. We have the strongest bond we’ve ever had. He’s incredibly forgiving and was glad to alter his appearance in order to make our relationship work.” said the Brit.

They were all dressed as surgeons, complete with needles and doctor coats, and just a small group of our closest friends attended the ceremony. Added they.

Richardson is 19 years old right now. While his partner Oli was born in Central London on January 14, 1990, making her 32 in 2022. There is a thirteen-year age gap between them. The couple seemed to be incredibly compatible despite their age difference.

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Meet Oli London Parents – More On Their Family Explored

On January 14, 1990, Oli London was born in Central London to a housewife and an interior designer father.

The British internet personality has kept their family and other private matters largely private. Additionally, they don’t publish or share images of their family on social media.

All we know about their parents is that they are both English and of the Caucasian racial group.

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What Did Oli London Look Like Before Surgery? Explored

Influencer Oli London is incredibly divisive. The English celebrity was recently criticized for getting plastic surgery to resemble Jimin, a well-known Korean band member.

A “transracial” influencer named Oli London has expressed regret for his “wrong and unhealthy” behavior toward Jimin of BTS and the Asian community. White influencer London made a video on YouTube describing the behavior as “obsessive,” claiming to have done 32 plastic operations to make themselves look more Korean.

Oli hopes to obtain honorary Korean citizenship and live as a legally recognized Korean in the future.

Oli London Claims to have undergone 32 surgeries to imitate Jimin
Meet Oli London Husband, Danny Richardson: The Two Plastic Surgery Fanatics Married In Late June 2022
Oli London Claims to have undergone 32 surgeries to imitate Jimin ( Source: entertainmentdaily )


Professionals and academic experts reacted negatively to London’s assertion that they identify as Korean. The 32-year-old influencer has openly acknowledged getting liposuction, eye surgery, and other procedures to “look more Korean,” though.

On August 29, they posted a video apologizing to Jimin and the Asian community.

It was foolish of me to try to mimic Jimin in such an obsessive way, Oli acknowledged.

I can’t be someone else; I just need to love myself.

The 32-year-old claimed that due to the bullying they experienced in school, they had low self-esteem. They so attempted to “become” Park after learning about him since they thought he was the “key to happiness”.

They didn’t have any “evil intentions,” but they “realize now that it wasn’t the right thing to do,” according to London.

The influencer admitted in a Newsweek and SWNS interview at the beginning of August that they had paid for their 19-year-old husband Danny Richardson to get plastic surgery in order to resemble Jimin.

Despite everything, they continue to “identify as Korean.” The note went on to express their wish for honorary Korean citizenship and to “live as a legally recognized Korean.”

Furthermore, according to London, they had been attending treatment to deal with their “addiction to plastic surgery.” “I made significant life adjustments in an effort to equal Jimin’s talent and beauty. But now that I’ve understood this was harmful and incorrect, “London threw in.

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Oli London Net Worth: How Rich Is Oli London? Explained

Oli London, an English influencer, is thought to be worth more than $1.2 million. Their careers as actors and singers had allowed them to earn this money.

Cameo-based London’s television career mostly focused on its operations. However, they only started attracting public notice after they were highlighted in a 2018 edition of the Barcroft TV series Hooked On The Look, which described their plastic surgery to resemble Jimin.

With the release of the English-Korean song “Perfection” in 2019, Oli began their K-pop career. The song is about the joy they felt after their operations. However, it received criticism from music critics for using excessive autotune.

In the 2021 short documentary Gangnam Beauty, which was screened at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, London made their acting debut. They took on the roles of both themselves and a sculptor who was forced to produce fourteen various masks in order to defend their village from the wrath of the gods.

In addition, the influencer has a large following on social media, where she makes a lot of money.

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