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Milan Wash Murders Daughter, Kamarie Milan To Death, Pleads Guilty

INSIDE Look at ‘Milan Wash Murders Daughter, Kamarie Milan To Death, Pleads Guilty’ An East Point resident pleaded guilty to the 2016 murder of her child, according to the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office. Father Shaves Her Head and Burns Her Palms Before Throwing Body Into Lake.

Milan Wash pleaded guilty to ninth counts, including murder, cruelty to children, and concealing the death of their child, Kamarie Wash.

Prosecutors accused Milan Wash of beating Kamarie to death in East Point before shaving the girl’s head, burning the skin on her palms, and dumping her corpse in Lake Allatoona. Officials said Milan Wash called 911 to report her daughter missing the day after a fisherman discovered her body floating in the lake.

Milan Wash Murders Daughter, Kamarie Milan To Death, Pleads Guilty

Investigators with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and Milan Wash broke Kamarie’s jaw concluded that Milan Wash broke Kamarie’s jaw and killed her in an apartment off McClelland Avenue. Investigators said the cause of the child’s death was blunt force trauma.

Prosecutors said Milan Wash’s partner LaSharae Davis also “routinely physically abused Kamarie and withheld food from her.”

Milan Wash received a life sentence of 75 years in confinement.

District Attorney Fani Willis stated, “A person who should have been her greatest protection savagely abused and murdered a 7-year-old infant girl.” “In addition to killing Kamarie by severely beating her, Wash went to tremendous measures to hide the crime. It is a terrible shame that a parent forcefully ended a child’s life. Although Kamarie Wash cannot be brought back, we hope that her family feels vindicated by her guilty plea and life-plus-75-year jail term. I’m appreciative to those who put out the effort to make sure Milan Wash would be made to answer for her despicable conduct against a helpless child.”

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