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Evelyn Boswell Timeline: Teen Mom Accused of Killing Tennessee Tot Wants New Lawyer, Could Delay Murder Trial Significantly Till 2023

Details into ‘Evelyn Boswell Timeline: Teen Mom Accused of Killing Tennessee Tot Wants New Lawyer, Could Delay Murder Trial Significantly Till 2023’ Tennessee murder suspect, Megan Boswell, who’s currently facing charges in connection with her 1-year-old daughter’s death, requested a new attorney at Friday’s court hearing in Sullivan County.

Evelyn Boswell Timeline: Teen Mom Accused of Killing Tennessee Tot Wants New Lawyer, Could Delay Murder Trial Significantly Till 2023

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Boswell is facing 19 offenses, including felony murder. She’s also been charged with aggravated child abuse, aggravated child neglect, tampering with evidence, abuse of a corpse, failure to report a death, and 12 counts of making false reports.

Megan’s daughter, Evelyn Boswell, was found deceased in 2020 and hidden in a play shed on her grandfather’s property. It’s the same shed Boswell played in as a child.

Friday’s court hearing was held to determine if graphic crime scene photos would be allowed during the trial.

According to News Channel 11, Boswell had issues with the photos she has yet to see, as well as witnesses that her new attorney, Brad Sproles, plans to call on during the trial. Sproles, a private attorney, volunteered to represent Boswell after she had conflicts with her previous public defender.

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Judge Jim Goodwin, however, indicated that he was ready to agree that the lawyer/client relationship has been “irretrievably broken,” as Boswell suggested.

Boswell’s former public defender, Andrew Gibbons, told News Channell 11 that if the judge ultimately allows Boswell to retain a new lawyer, the murder trial could be significantly delayed.

“A case like this that has gone on for several years, or what seems like several years… they’ve got to learn what all the evidence is, they’ve got to learn who all the different players in the case are,” Gibbons said. “They’re at a serious disadvantage as far as playing catch up.”

Evelyn Boswell Timeline: Teen Mom Accused of Killing Tennessee Tot Wants New Lawyer, Could Delay Murder Trial Significantly Till 2023
Maggie Boswell and Evelyn Boswell [Police Handout]

Crime Scene

In 2020, Evelyn’s body was discovered by special agent Brian Fraley of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI). He claimed in his testimony on Friday morning to have discovered the victim’s body inside a garbage can, covered in aluminum foil and a blanket.

According to Fraley, “I believe (the garbage can) was recently placed there.” On top of the rubbish, I saw a leg with a foot attached. It fit the description of an infant who was the missing victim’s age.

Forensic pathologist Dr. Darinka Mileusnic-Polchan testified Friday as well, according to Tennessee Lookout, and explained why the photos would be important for the jury to see.

The child’s death was proven to be a homicide and intentional by Mileusnic-Polchan, who also recounted the situation in which Evelyn was discovered. She claimed that when the kid was put in the garbage bag, he or she was still alive.

Mileusnic-Polchan remarked, “This youngster was disposed of in a spectacular way.”

She was positioned like an accordion within the can, sort of squished. Her head and neck were severely overextended. a dramatic expansion (The blanket) wasn’t merely thrown down carelessly (around her body). It was tightly wrapped to keep her from being able to breathe. (Evelyn’s) the skin has the impressions of the blanket.

Boswell’s Alleged Lies

Evelyn was reported missing in February 2020, almost two months after family members had last seen her. While authorities began a search for the child, Boswell allegedly lied to them over and over.

Previous Video Coverage 

“Every time we talk to her, her story changes,” Sullivan County Sheriff Jack Cassidy previously said. “I’m serious when I say every single time.”

On February 18, 2020, the day authorities issued an AMBER Alert for Evelyn, Boswell reportedly told a DCF worker that Evelyn’s father, Ethan Perry, had the child and she planned to pick her up.

Investigators said that Perry, who is stationed in Louisiana and actively serving in the military, did not have the baby.

Boswell later told Channel News 11 that her mother took the baby to someone in a silver camper in Virginia.

“I told TBI where to find her in Mendota. My mom took her to a campground in a silver camper and if they don’t go tonight, I’m going to go find her myself, because I’ve told them and they’re not really like taking it seriously and if they don’t go tonight, I will go myself and go get her,” Boswell previously said.

Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Andy Seabolt responded to Boswell’s claim. According to the Tennessean, Seabolt said Boswell’s camper claim was “investigated completely.” Authorities did not find Evelyn.

“The claim that Megan made stating that Evelyn was in a camper in Mendota was investigated completely,” Seabolt said.

Brian Fraley claims that in March 2020, authorities in Sullivan County discovered the toddler’s body in the shed of a home in the 500 block of Muddy Creek Road. Tommy Boswell Sr., the father of Megan Boswell, is the owner of the land.

Boswell, who has apparently maintained his innocence throughout, allegedly claims that Evelyn passed away because she or a partner turned her over while she was sleeping.

Mileusnic-Polchan stated on Friday, “This was not an accidental suffocation (as Megan Boswell claimed).” “A murder was the method of death.”

Mileusnic-Polchan argued that the infant was “too big for it,” adding that “this was not a child dying in her sleep” in response to Boswell’s allegations of unintentional asphyxia.

The trial’s judge decided to permit some of the disturbing images to be exhibited which is scheduled to begin in February 2023.

Check back for more updates.

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