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NBC Correspondent: Morgan Radford Net Worth: Who Are Her Parents?

‘Morgan Radford Net Worth: Who Are Her Parents?’ Lily Kelly-Radford and Kim Radford are the parents of NBC News correspondent and anchor Morgan Kelly Radford. Dr. Lily Kelly-Radford, Morgan’s mother, is a clinical psychologist who also works as a management consultant. At LEAP-Leadership, her father, Kim Radford, is a partner.

When they were younger, her parents took trips to numerous locations and shared interests. When Dr. Lily was in her late twenties, the devoted pair were married.

Morgan’s parents gave her a lot of support and worked hard to help her advance professionally. Along with her parents and brother, Miller Radford, she lived in Greensboro for the entirety of her childhood.

Morgan Kelly Radford Quick Facts

Full Name Morgan Kelly Radford
Date Of Birth 18th November 1987
Birthplace Greensboro, North Corolina, US
Age 34
Father’s Name Kim Radford
Mother’s Name Lily Kelly-Radford
Spouse’s Name David Williams
Profession Journalist


Who is Morgan Radford’s Mom? Meet Lily Kelly-Radford

Dr. Lily Kelly Radford  the mother of famous journalist.
NBC Correspondent: Morgan Radford Net Worth: Who Are Her Parents?
Dr. Lily Kelly Radford is the mother of a famous journalist. ( Source: featuredbiography )

Dr. Lily Kelly-Radford, the mother of Morgan Radford, is a retired consultant and physiologist. Kim Radford is her husband.

Dr. Lily received her undergraduate education at the University of Pittsburgh. She graduated from The University of Georgia with a master’s degree. She studied science as her major, but she also has a doctorate in clinical psychology.

In her late twenties, Morgan’s mother got married and started traveling with her spouse. Miller Radford and Morgan Radford are her son and daughter, respectively.

Throughout her career, she conducted a variety of psychological studies in addition to working at Harvard Medical School. As of May 2022, the doctor’s projected annual income was $500,000, and he resided in a lavish home with a collection of artwork.

Morgan Radford’s Dad Kim Radford Is A Partner In The LEAP Leadership

Morgan Kelly Radford’s dad, Kim Radford, is a partner in the LEAP- Leadership firm.

As per his LinkedIn profile, Kim lived in Smyrna, Georgia. As it has been years since he last updated his profile, it is hard to say whether he still lives in Georgia or has packed up and moved to another state.

Kim has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a major in Economics. Before Joining LEAP, he worked as a senior managing director in Wells Fargo Company for two years and later as Senior Director of Brokerage in Well Fargo Advisers.

Kim tied the knot with the love of his life in his early 20s, and they have been happily together since. 

Morgana has not spoken a lot about her father, but we can see morgan posting pictures of her father repeatedly on her Facebook account.

Morgan Radford’s Husband David Williams Works At Opportunity Heights

David Williams, Morgan Radford’s husband, is a full-time director of policy outreach at Opportunity Insights.


Morgan Radford and her husband during their wedding.
NBC Correspondent: Morgan Radford Net Worth: Who Are Her Parents?
Morgan Radford and her husband during their wedding. ( Source: news )

According to insiders, the pair had been dating for a very long period. On November 9, 2019, David got down on one knee and proposed to the woman. The Pandemic, however, forced them to postpone their wedding.

On January 8, 2022, they might finally have their ideal wedding. Together with their family, close relatives, and friends, they had a lavish wedding. Williams is reported to earn $67,500 per year and generate revenues between $2 and 3 million.

According to Sportskeeda, the couple is about to have their first child, and the mother-to-be is very excited about the child. She can’t wait to shower it with love and cuddles. The couple shared the ultrasound photo via Instagram.

How Much Is Morgan Radford Net Worth And Salary In 2022

Morgan Ranford, an anchor for NBC News, is thought to have a net worth of $1 million and earns $120,000 each year.

The 34-year-old reporter is a native of Greensboro, North Carolina, and was born in 1987. She grew up with her mother and father in a typical household.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in social science from Harvard in 2009. She interned at CNN the next year and with ESPN during the World Cup.

She earned a master’s degree in broadcast journalism in 2012 and began working for several news outlets. She began working for NBC in 2015 and has since continued. She receives a decent salary from NBC News in exchange for her services.


What is the age of Morgan Radford?

She is 34 years old as of 2022.

Does she have any children?

Not yet, but she is going to have one soon.

What is her father’s Name?

Her father’s Name is Kim Radford.

What is her Net Worth?

Morgan’s net worth is estimated to be one million dollars.


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