Home People Obituary: Chana Wood Is Dead- Facts To Know About The CEO of Sugar Wood & Sugar Wear

Obituary: Chana Wood Is Dead- Facts To Know About The CEO of Sugar Wood & Sugar Wear

Obituary: Chana Wood Is Dead- Facts To Know About The CEO of Sugar Wood & Sugar Wear

Exploring the ‘Obituary: Chana Wood Is Dead’ On November 2, 2022, Chana Wood, the founder, owner, and CEO of Sugar Wood & Sugar Wear, passed away suddenly for unspecified reasons, according to the heartbreaking news that has been making the rounds online. As soon as this information was released, it spread quickly across social media. Read more below…

Who Is Chana Wood?

Chana Wood was the founder, owner, and chief executive officer (CEO) of Sugar Wood & Sugar Wear, which is a creatively inspired company that specializes in artisan salted caramel. Chana Wood had been a married woman for a long time and also had two lovely children.

Obituary: Chana Wood Is Dead

How Did Chana Wood Die?

According to several social media reports, the Sugar Wood & Sugar Wear founder, Chana Wood, passed away suddenly on Wednesday, November 2. The news of her death has come as a real shock to all her family members, friends, and admirers.

Obituary: Chana Wood Is Dead

No official announcement about the cause of Chana Wood’s untimely death has been made by her family, thus the cause of her death is still unknown. However, further information about her death will be known very soon. The details of her funeral ceremony will also be announced soon by her family members.

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Who Confirmed Chana Wood’s Death?

The unfortunate news of Chana Wood’s untimely death was confirmed by her longtime friend Amanda Schell through a post on her Facebook page. Sharing the news, she wrote, “Grief and loss were new to me this spring, now it seems to be the only thing I seem to experience late.”

“I can’t believe you’re gone; you were a light and my confidant, my mentor, and my sidekick; you were my best friend, and I don’t know how life will be ok without you.”

In another post, Amanda Schell shared details about the two local memorial funds that have been established with the help of Chana’s family to pay for the medical, funeral, and any other expenses along the way. “We hope that this fund can also establish enough proceeds to pave the way for a fund to be set aside for her beautiful daughters that she left too soon,” she wrote in the Facebook post.

Tributes pour in for Chana Wood

Following the news of Chana Wood’s sudden passing, her friends and co-workers have been sharing their condolences on the unfortunate death with posts on different social platforms.

Expressing condolences on Chana Wood’s untimely death, her friend, Karyn Shaver Libson, shared a post on her Facebook. She wrote, “I am really heartbroken over the loss of my friend, Chana Wood.” She was the most hilarious and outspoken girl around, and she was one of my first friends when I moved to Minneapolis from Montana after being hired on as an assistant manager at Pier 1 in Uptown. This was where I became lifelong friends with Chana, Emily, Matt, and then others! “She will be missed by everyone.”

We send our deepest condolences to Chana Wood’s family members and friends. Her death is a huge loss for her husband and daughters, and we pray to God to give them the strength to pass through this difficult time. May Chana’s soul rest easy on the wings of eternity.

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