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Paul Mullin Net Worth After Salary of 200k Pounds For Wrexham

Take a brief tour of ‘Paul Mullin Net Worth After Salary of 200k Pounds For Wrexham’ The highest-paid footballer in the National League is Paul Mullin, an Englishman who plays for Wrexham. His wages and earnings will astonish anyone.

Mullin has recently joined the Wrexham AFC. Prior to this, he assisted Cambridge United in winning EFL League Two’s 2020–21 season and securing promotion to League One. In just 42 games for the League One team, he has 32 goals.

He continued to lead the National League in scoring after relocating to Wrexham. He has scored 37 goals in 57 outings for the National League team, and with his new owners, he hopes to score many more in the days to come.

The RR McReynolds Company LLC acquired ownership of the football team in 2020. The club’s owners, led by actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, are spending big to achieve their ultimate goal to reach the English First Divisions.

For £ 2 million, the actors purchased Wrexham FC, completing the acquisition on February 9, 2021. They have invested a lot of money in the team’s locker room, stadium, and new acquisitions. The pair have also documented their Welcome to Wrexham television series, which explains their behind-the-scenes work to help the club succeed in the coming years.

However, considering the outrageous amounts of money spent on football, viewers have been left wondering how much the owners have paid one of the team’s key players, Paul Mullin. Continue to know details on the football star’s net worth, salary, and career earnings.

Wrexham Signed Paul Mullin As A Free Agent

Mullin joined the National League side in 2021, after Reynolds and McElhenney’s takeover. He signed the football club as a free transfer.

As per the Football Transfer website, Mullin’s current transfer value is between €0.6M and €1.0M. He is well recognized in the league as a poacher and a technically gifted player.

The forward is 27 years old right now. He was born on November 6, 1996, is 177 cm tall, and prefers to stand on his right foot.

Mullin was given the number 10 jersey by Wrexham FC. He is a mobile striker for the National League team. Nevertheless, the capture of the English footballer is undoubtedly one of the most eye-catching pieces of the business done by the club owners.

Wrexham lured Mullin to the fifth tier, and they did it without charging a transfer fee (his contract at the Abbey Stadium had expired). Mullin, as has become custom, scored his first goal of the season last year on opening day.

Besides Mullin, the historic football club has acquired more than eighteen football players worldwide after the RR McReynolds takeover. Some famous names joining the team are Shaun Brisley, Liam McAlinden, Harry Lennon, and Bryce Hossanah. Similarly, Jake Hyde, Ben Tozer, Aaron Hayden, and James Jones also joined the football team last year.

Paul Mullin Receives a £200k Salary.

Mullin makes about £4500 per week as a mobile striker for the Wrexham AFC, earning an annual salary of £200,000.

In the UK, the average federal wage is £550 per week. The lower-level players, with the exception of Paul Mullin at Wrexham, make around £750 per week.

Paul Mullin Net Worth After Salary of 200k Pounds For Wrexham
Mullin celebrating after scoring a goal. ( Source: wrexhamafc )

Mullin typically gets no help during his ninety minutes on the field. He currently maintains the top spot on the list of the Town of Wrexham squad’s top scorers with five goals this league season. The 27-year-old is likely to receive salary raise if he extends his contract with the Wrexham AFC this year.

What Is Paul Mullin’s Net Worth In 2022?

In 2022, Paul Mullin’s net worth will be more than £2 million.

For a striker who has played most of his football in England’s lower levels, Mullin has developed a solid reputation. He has represented teams including Cambridge United, Morecambe, Swindon Town, Tranmere Rovers, and Huddersfield Town.

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The striker spent his formative years playing for teams like Chelsea and Liverpool. He graduated from the Everton academy.

Mullin becomes the second celebrity to appear in the Welcome to Wrexham series in August 2022. He told the cameras that when he was a free agent a few years ago, he would decline a £60,000 per week offer from China.

Paul Mullin Net Worth After Salary of 200k Pounds For Wrexham

Mullin is among the highest earners in the National League. ( Source: leaderlive )

He is presented to the audience to the tune of Shane McMahon’s “Show me the Money,” but Mullin, who claims he hasn’t started watching the first few episodes, finds the discussion of his pay to be ‘irrelevant to life’ and tedious.

Mullin, who just signed a new contract to remain with the team until the 2024–25 season, has gained cult status among the fan. He has been overwhelmed by the level of love received from both Reynolds and McElhenney and the fan base.

The Racecourse Ground frequently explodes with the ‘”We’ve got Super Paul Mullin.” chants during the match days.

As quoted in Daily Mail, Mullin has said: “I’m enjoying it. I’ve loved it, and they love coming to the games.”

“I think they sometimes feel special when the fans sing my name. My mum and dad always tear up, and my missus comes home singing it, winding me up because she knows I hate to hear it in the house! We love it.”

Mullin’s Earnings Compared To Other Wrexham Players

Paul Mullin is one of the Wrexham AFC team’s highest-paid players.

James Jones and Hayden, the striker’s coworkers, reportedly make £3,000 weekly. It indicates that Wrexham pays three of them a total of £546,000 per year. Ben Tozer makes about £200,000 per year, the same as Mullin.

Mullin has signed a contract extension until 2024-2025 season.
Paul Mullin Net Worth After Salary of 200k Pounds For Wrexham
Mullin has signed a contract extension until 2024-2025 season. ( Source : bbc )

Players like Danny Rowe, Aaron Hayden, and Adam Rooney from the same league are earning £2,000 a week.

Below Mullin is Stockport’s Paddy Madden, getting £3,500 weekly. The Stockport also pays around £3,000 a week to Antoni Sarcevic.

According to the Daily Star, Wrexham owner Ryan Reynolds had a net worth of £109 million in 202. He is currently valued at $150 million, or about £127 million. Likewise, Rob McElhenney has a net worth of $50 million, per the Celebrity Net Worth.

Paul Mullin’s Career Highlights Explored

As mentioned, Mullin started in the youth academy of clubs like Everton, Liverpool, and Huddersfield Town.

His pro-football career began at Huddersfield Town, where he never featured in official matches. Then, he was loaned to Vauxhall Motors, where he appeared for four games.

His longest footballing career happened at Morecambe FC, with more than 120 appearances for the side; he has netted 25 goals. Between 2017–2020, he played for Swindon City and Tranmere Rovers.

Mullin has scored 32 goals for his former club Cambridge United.
Mullin has scored 32 goals for his former club Cambridge United. ( Source: inyourarea )

Mullin then played for Cambridge United between 2020 to 2021, where he appeared in 46 matches. The forward scored 32 goals in a single season, becoming the 2020–21 EFL League Two top scorer.

The striker had turned down a new contract offer from Cambridge United at the end of the 2020–21 campaign and signed a three-year contract with National League side Wrexham in July 2021.

Mullin won the league’s Player of the Month award for November 2021 after scoring three goals in the month, including the decisive winner against FC Halifax Town. He continued to have a great first season in Wrexham, winning the National League’s Golden Boot and Player of the Season honors and the Wrexham Men’s Team Top Goalscorer and Player of the Season trophies.

Info On His Wife & Family Explored

Mollie Obrien, Paul Mullin’s stunning wife, is his wife. Albi, his young kid, was born in the year 2019.

The Wrexham AFC player frequently posts photos of his family on social media. For instance, he just shared a picture of himself and his son at a pool. Mullin’s wife and son also made an appearance on the field at the end of the season the previous year.

Mullin with his wife and son at the The Racecourse Ground.
Mullin with his wife and son at The Racecourse Ground. ( Source: instagram )

Mullin was born on November 6, in the year 1994. His parents are the native of Litherland, Merseyside. Consequently, he grew up watching Liverpool and Everton in his youth.

As quoted in Daily Mail, Mullin has said: “When I signed, there were eyebrows raised – but not from me and my family. We knew what we were getting into. My family wants me to be happy and excited, and I couldn’t be happier being here. I’m enjoying my football, and I’m pretty sure that’s showing how I always try to smile on the pitch.”

The striker is adored by Wrexham’s fans and the club’s owner, Ryan Reynold. He has shared many pictures with the Hollywood star.

During the 2021–2022 club season, Paul also played alongside Luke Young, with whom he established a genuine friendship last year.

Speaking of social media, Mullin is active on Instagram with the handle name @paulmullin12. He has amassed a total of 14.3 thousand followers on the platform. Likewise, his Twitter handles @PMullin7 has gathered 17 thousand followers.

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