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Pool Player Jayson Shaw Net Worth 2022- His Earnings Per Tournament Explored

How much is ‘Pool Player Jayson Shaw Net Worth 2022? Scottish snooker player Jayson Shaw net worth is 2 million dollars in 2022. Shaw makes career earnings of sixty thousand per tournament.

He recently had a spectacular celebration after defeating Oscar Dominguez in a 5-2 victory on day three of the Mosconi Cup. He usually plays his greatest pool at this occasion.

By taking the first two racks, the 32-year-old lit up Las Vegas. He then saved his greatest performance for last, earning the next three points to secure a crucial victory for the European team.

At the beginning of 2022, he had set a new world high run record of 669 in 14.1 straight pools (14.1 racks). He won the Diamond Open Professional Players Championship in April at the 28th Annual Super Billiards Expo.

Pool Player Jayson Shaw Net Worth 2022

Jayson Shaw Net Worth Of 2 Million Dollars In 2022

Jayson Shaw earns a net worth of 2 million dollars from his snooker career.

He broke the record for the highest run in a 14.1 straight pool with a 669 score. Shaw placed third in WPA Predator World 8-Ball Championship 2022, winning a prize worth $20,000. It was held between 14 to 22 November in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Shaw bagged 1st position at the 2022 International 9-Ball Open and claimed $30,000 as a winning amount. He placed 17th in the 2022 American Straight Pool Championship, earning $700.

Jayson earned $20,000 as the winner of the Shane Van Boening Vs Jayson Shaw Race to 120. He won $8,000 winning the Turning Stone Classic XXXV, the championship was held between 1 to 4 September 2022.

Jayson Shaw Tournament Earnings (from 2017 to 2022)

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2017 $170,366
2018 $64,823
2019 $88,196
2020 $59,016
2021 $53,450
2022 $155,257

On 7 February 2021, he won the US 1 Billiards February Pro-Am championship worth $2,850, held in West Haven, CT, USA. He claimed $1,200 being the winner of the 2021 Dynaspheres Cup 10-Ball Open.

Jayson Shaw won the turning stone classic for the 7th time on 9 January 2022.
Jayson Shaw won the turning stone classic for the 7th time on 9 January 2022. ( Source : instagram )

Shaw came 5th in the 2020 Turning Stone Classic XXXIII, winning prize money worth $2,000. Similarly, he earned $16,000 as the Derby City Classic 2020 Bigfoot Challenge champion.

He participated in the 2020 Dynamic Billard Treviso Open, which was held between 20 and 22 February. He won the tournament with a winning amount of $5,039.

2019 saw Jayson winning the Turning Stone Classic XXXI 9-Ball Open and earning $8,000 as the tournament winner. He won $1,400 as the Empire St. 10B C’ship 2019 Open/Pro champion.

He was second in the Mosconi Cup XXVI, scheduled for three days from 25 to 28 November 2019, in Las Veg, NV. He earned $30,000 as the 2019 International 9-Ball Open title holder.

Jayson is a two-time winner of the Ocean State 9-Ball Championship -once in 2014 and another one in 2018 with a prize amount of $2,500.

Shaw has won several championships since he began his snooker career. He also claimed the Derby City Classic 2018 Straight Pool Challenge (from 19 to 27 January 2018) of $2,750.

Pool Player Jayson Shaw Earns 60 Thousand Per Tournament

Jayson Shaw has 60 thousand dollars a tournament as career earnings.

In 2016, Shaw earned prize money of $8,000 while winning the Turning Stone Classic XXVI. The same year, he claimed the Kuwait 9-Ball Open worth $50,000.

Shaw was placed 2nd in the AZB money leaderboard with worth earnings of $174,344 in 2016. He had an overall income of $170,366 during the 2017 season with his appearance in 18 tournaments.

Jayson had a $16,000 winning amount for earning the DCC 2017 10B Challenge. He also won the West Coast 10 Ball Pro Challenge on 4 July 2017 in Mountain View, Ca.

He played in the 2018 Mosconi Cup XXV, where he placed 2nd winning $10,000 as prize money. He came 1st in the 30th Ocean State9-Ball Championship, held between 17 to 18 November 2018.

He appeared in the 2019 World Cup of Pool with Chris Melling. The winning prize of the tournament was $60,000 (£47,300) per pair. He came 5th at the championship and earned $4,500.

Jayson Shaw claimed the 2022 Super Billiards Expo Diamond men's Nine ball.
Jayson Shaw claimed the 2022 Super Billiards Expo Diamond men’s Nine ball. ( Source : instagram )

Cumulative Earnings

Year Rank Championship Payout
2016 1st Mosconi Cup XXIII $20,0000
2017 1st U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship $40,000
2018 2nd China Open Men’s Division $20,000
2019 1st The International 9-Ball Open $30,000
2020 1st Mosconi Cup XXVII $30,000
2021 1st Mosconi Cup XXVIII $30,000
2022 1st 2022 International 9-Ball Open $30,000

With his successful career, Shaw makes handsome wealth to live a luxurious lifestyle.

Recently, Jayson had a refreshment trip to Dubai. On 8 July 2022, he posted a video of Burjkalifa while enjoying Dubai life and making memories.

The two-time Mosconi MVP has a snooker table in his home basement, which he bought for practising Chinese 8 Ball world Championships in 2018.

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