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Purple Hearts Cast Breana Raquel – Here Are 5 Unknown Facts About Her

Let us meet ‘Purple Hearts Cast Breana Raquel – Here Are 5 Unknown Facts About Her’ The romance television movie Purple Hearts, which debuted on July 29, 2022, starred Breana Raquel as Riley.

In the same year, Raquel played Bethany Wilson in the Criminal Minds episode that followed The Tall Man. Later, she played Kennedy in Hidden Face and The First Month Is Free.

During the 2018–2019 SEAL Team season, Raquel made an impact as Hannah in the episodes Things Not Seen, Say Again Your Last, and Say Again Your Last.


  • Breana Raquel is 22 years old.
  • Raquel started her career in 2013.
  • Breana is also a famous singer, thanks to her parents, who support her.
  • She is one of the cast members of Purple Heart, a romantic film

Who is Breana Raquel?

Actress and singer Breana Raquel is a cast member of the Purple Hearts romantic comedy, an original Netflix production.

Raquel has received accolades for her work on the television programs Purple Hearts, Criminal Minds, SEAL Team, and Hidden Faces. In the movie Toobie, she made her on-screen debut. In the 2018 television show Mohawk episodes Full Circle and Homecoming, she played Estelle.

Breana Raquel at the Purple Hearts Premiere.
Breana Raquel at the Purple Hearts Premiere. ( Source: instagram )

Raquel played Riley in the television film Purple Hearts.

Raquel started her film career in 2013. She made her acting debut in the short film Toobie. In 2015, she appeared in the Nickelodeon Halo Awards television special.

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Everything You Need to Know About Breana Raquel Who Appeared in “Purple Heart”

Breana Raquel celebrating her 22nd birthday on May 20.
Breana Raquel celebrating her 22nd birthday on May 20. ( Source : instagram )

Breana Raquel Is 22 Years Old Right Now

Breana Raquel is currently 22 years old. She was born on May 17, 2000, in Maryland. Although the artist is active on social media, she has kept her family’s identity a secret.

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To further her acting career, the actress relocated to Los Angeles. The amusement was provided by the performer. Recently, she was featured in a Coke advertisement that aired in Cinemark cinemas.

Breana Began Her Career In The Entertainment Industry When She Was 11 Years Old

Talking about her profession, Breana Raquel began her career at the age of 11. She used to frequently upload her amusing sketches and music covers to her YouTube channel. The actress released the single “Beginner’s Love.” She was a privileged participant in many advertisements with brands.

Raquel also has a YouTube channel where she uploads her sketches, entertaining content, and videos such as Q&A and challenge videos. Using YouTube as a platform allows her to showcase her talent to her audience.

Raquel’s Parents Support Her To Follow Her Passion

Breana Raquel has a distinguished career as an actress, singer, and songwriter. Since she was a little child, she has been interested in music, and her parents have always supported her in her endeavors.

She is grateful to her encouraging parents for giving her the will and bravery to pursue a career in acting and singing. Young and talented, she is constantly looking for new chances.

Breana Raquel Has 102k Followers On Instagram

Breana Raquel has 102k followers and 475 posts on her Instagram account. Despite her social media presence, she rarely shares details about her personal life. There are no personal details about her parents or love life. She prefers to keep her family out of the spotlight.

There have been rumors that she is dating someone, but she has not revealed anything. We can see her picture on Instagram with a guy, whom she introduced as her best friend. We can’t say anything because there isn’t any clear information.

Breana Raquel Is A Musician Besides Being An Actress

Along with her acting profession, Raquel has a music career. Since she was a young child, she has produced excellent music. She has had a passion for music since she was a young child, and at such a young age, she fulfilled her ambition.

She is well-known for her work as an actress and vocalist in critically acclaimed movies. Her goal is to enhance her acting profession and write new music to do so.

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