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Rick Caruso Campaign Office: A Glimpse Into The Rick Caruso Campaign- Parents, Sibling & Net Worth 2022

Inside ‘Rick Caruso Campaign Office: Jennifer Alvarado, an intern for the Caruso campaign, explains why she decided to work there. The most costly Los Angeles mayoral contest in history pits billionaire Rick Caruso against Congresswoman Karen Bass. In an interview with Jennifer Alvarado, a Caruso campaign intern, our producer Meredith McCabe had the opportunity. Since before the June primary elections, she has been a policy adviser for the campaign. This is the plot.

Rick Caruso Campaign Office

Jennifer Alvarado’s early mentors were police officers – LAPD. That may be not so unusual, but she grew up in South LA – a community not typically known for its positive relationship with law enforcement. Today, she’s studying public health at USC. She believes in giving back to the community. And these days, Alvarado’s an intern on the Rick Caruso campaign.

JENNIFER ALVARADO: I learned that Rick Caruso was running for mayor from one of my LAPD mentors. And I saw the opportunity to support Rick and in some ways give back.

Many Angelenos see Caruso as a billionaire developer, Republican-turned-Democrat. And he is all that, but Alvarado, who has known him for nearly ten years, points out that he’s also a huge philanthropist. In fact, Alvarado says many of her educational opportunities came from a nonprofit Caruso donates to called Operation Progress. It helps underserved youth in South L.A. to reach their full potential.

Her personal connection led Alvarado to seek out the campaign opportunity, but she has since grown to admire his strategy.

ALVARADO: I think that Rick’s approaches are unconventional in the sense that, like, he is funding his own campaign, but guess what? He’s worked so hard for every dollar, and as a successful developer, I am confident that he’s going to be able to navigate through the housing policies and through all of that red tape because he’s familiar in that field. Rick Caruso Campaign Office

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While Alvarado admires Caruso’s unconventional approach, his opponents argue that his development background is not suited for public office. Bass, on the other hand has had three public service careers – in healthcare, community organizing and as a lawmaker in Sacramento and D.C. for over a decade.

Nonetheless, Alvarado finds his career path somewhat admirable.

ALVARADO: I feel like Rick can be relatable if you allow him to be. He was the first in his family to graduate from college and so am I. I feel like there’s a lot of similar struggles in our journeys.

The mayoral race is down to the single digits with Bass still narrowly in the lead. Bass supporters shared their reasons for voting for the congresswoman in an LA Times article citing civil rights and multiracial unity, the fight against a “pseudo-Trumpian developer,” and Bass’ identity as a woman in light of reproductive rights.

As for Alvarado, she’ll be out canvassing tomorrow for team Caruso.

ALVARADO: We’re probably going to spend the day in the field under the rain. We’re still going to go door to door and get people out to vote.

This, of course, marks just one intern’s experience, but it gives us a glimpse into one of the most significant and newsworthy campaigns in L.A. mayoral history.

No matter whether you’re team Caruso or team Bass, be sure to grab your umbrellas and brave the polls tomorrow between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m.

For Annenberg Media, I’m Meredith McCabe.

Rick Caruso Parents: Henry Caruso And Gloria Caruso

Rick’s Father created Dollar Rent-A-Vehicle and operated several car dealerships in the Los Angeles region. 

Rick Joseph Caruso is a businessman from the United States. He is a billionaire, founder, and former CEO of Caruso, an American real-estate corporation.

He was appointed as an official with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power by Mayor Tom Bradley at 26, making him the city’s youngest commissioner in history.

Caruso is a Democrat running in the 2022 Los Angeles mayoral election. He had previously registered as a non-partisan and, before that, as a Republican.

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Rick Caruso Parents: Meet Henry Caruso And Gloria Caruso

Henry, his Father, and Gloria, his mother, used to work as a billboard model, created Dollar Rent-A-Vehicle and operated several car dealerships in the Los Angeles region. Gloria, his mother, used to work as a billboard model.

Rick Caruso Campaign Office
Rick Caruso Parents
Rick Caruso’s father Henry Caruso (source: Youtube)

Much more information on his mother is unavailable since she kept her life hidden from social media and the press. They had an intimate relationship with their spouse.

Henry Caruso, Caruso’s Father, ran track at Marshall High School, fought in the military during WWII, and subsequently attended the University of Southern California on the G.I. Bill.

He had early success in vehicle sales but suffered a major personal setback when convicted and sentenced for fraud.

Rick learned the idea of atonement and the value of giving people a second opportunity from his Father. Following this failure, Henry created Dollar Rent-a-Vehicle, one of America’s most profitable car rental firms.

Rick Caruso’s grandparents, Augusto and Josephine, came to America as youths from Italy via Ellis Island. In the late 1920s, they met, fell in love, married, and finally lived in Boyle Heights.

Rick Caruso’s Siblings- Meet Cristina And Marc Caruso

Rick Caruso was not his parents’ only kid. He has a younger brother, marc and a sister, Cristina, both successful business owners from different backgrounds.

Rick Caruso Campaign Office
Rick Caruso’s Siblings Marc Caruso (source: Celebrity)

Marc is the Vice President of the Los Angeles Chapter and a national Executive committee member of the Association of Independent Music Publishers.

Additionally, he belongs to the Motion Picture Editors Guild, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, the Recording Academy, the Society of Composers & Lyricists, and the National Music Publishers Association, where he represents Angry Mob’s writer and publisher interests as a member of the NMPA Team 100.

Cristina Caruso has kept her personal life private and away from social media. According to the article, she works in the media industry, and nothing more is known about her. She lives apart from her family since she is a strong-willed woman.

How Much Is Rick Caruso Net Worth 2022?

According to Forbes, the real estate czar’s net worth is expected to exceed $4.3 billion by 2022. Rick Caruso has built some of America’s most successful retail malls.

His family owns the 216-foot yacht Invictus, which Delta Marine constructed in 2013. The boat can accommodate up to 12 guests and 18 crew members. It’s worth more than $100 million, according to estimates.

Rick paid $11.3 million for a 7,000-square-foot oceanfront property in Malibu in 2008, which he sold for $40 million last year.

The Caruso family’s main House is located in Brentwood Park in Malibu and is 11,000 square feet. It’s believed to be valued somewhere from

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