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Romeo and Juliet? Teen Girl, Boy Flee Families in Fear – Crime Online

Teens Jonathan Stockle and Penny Lyles are dating. When Lyles’ family moves back to Oregon, Stockle is invited to join them.

After a time, Ryan Lyles, Penny’s father, reportedly reads concerning private messages on his oldest daughter’s phone. Those messages are allegedly about drugs, and sneaking out of the house to use drugs.  Ryan Lyles messages his daughter, Penny, at school and tells her to come straight home after school to talk. They never make it home.

Ryan Lyles and the police are called to the school after Penny Lyles tells a school counselor about abuse in the home. According to a report on News 12, after police talk to Penny, they tell her to go home with her father.  Ryan Lyles alleges the school counselor tells Penny Lyles if she wants to run, go out the back door. Lyles further claims the counselor opened the door and let her run out.

The teens have been missing ever since, except for a traffic stop in Nevada. They were found by officials on Friday, but they didn’t stay “found.”

News 12 confirmed that the couple was pulled over by the Nevada Highway Patrol in Tonopah. The case was turned over to the Nye County Sheriff’s Office. Officials say Penny Lyles then escaped Division of Child and Family Services custody during a transport by asking to use the restroom She left through a door, and allegedly rejoined Stockle.

The Clatsop County Sheriff’s Office says it has not substantiated the allegations of abuse against Ryan Lyles.

Joining Nancy Grace Today

Lisa Herrick–  Board-certified Juvenile Attorney, Partner at Varghese Summersett, and Former Juvenile Prosecutor; Instagram & Twitter: versustexas, TikTok: lisa_herrick_attorney, Facebook and Youtube: Varghese Summersett
Dr. Bethany Marshall – Psychoanalyst (Beverly Hills); Twitter: @DrBethanyLive/ Instagram & TikTok: drbethanymarshall; Appearing in the new show, “Paris in Love” on Peacock
Barry Golden – Former Senior Inspector for the U.S. Marshals Service, Owner of Golden Consulting and Investigations
Blaise Gomez – News 12 Lead Journalist; Facebook: Blaise Gomez, IG: @blaisegomez12, Twitter @blaisegomez12

Additional Guests

  • Wayne Stockle – Jonathan Stockle’s father
  • Domingo Ramos –  Founder of Hope Alive 845 (a search and rescue nonprofit dedicated to helping families and law enforcement find loved ones); Facebook, TikTok, Instagram: @Hope Alive

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[Feature Photo: Family Handout]

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