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Who Is Saif Rubie? Net Worth 2022 – Client List, Bobby Duncan Agent Has Players In His Books

Let’s briefly explore ‘Who Is Saif Rubie? Net Worth 2022 – Client List, Bobby Duncan Agent Has Players In His Books’ Rich sports entrepreneur from Dubai, Saif Rubie. He is the owner of the business Future Gen Sports & Luxury.

Rubie is recently on the news after one of his clients accused him of ruining his career. His former client, Bobby Duncan, the cousin of Steven Gerrard, left the club signing for Fiorentina in a controversial fashion in 2019. According to Duncan, Rubie had forced his move to Fiorentina. He further blames his agent for mentally bullying the clients.

Meanwhile, Rubie claimed on Monday’s episode of talkSPORT that he had actually urged Duncan to stay at Liverpool three years ago.

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What Is Saif Rubie’s Net Worth In 2022?

Saif Rubie has a million-dollar net worth. He made his money as a businessman and sports agent.

The Director of Future Gen Sports & Luxury Company is Rubie. For almost 20 years, he has devoted his life to the sports industry.

According to the Pay Scale, the median salary of an experienced agent stands at about $58,000. While an agent working for a large business can earn significantly more and individuals who are just starting out often make less money.

Saif Rubie had won the What's On Awards in 2021.
Who Is Saif Rubie? Net Worth 2022 – Client List, Bobby Duncan Agent Has Players In His Books
Saif Rubie won the What’s On Awards in 2021. ( Source: instagram )

As an entrepreneur, Rubie has also made investments in upscale fitness facilities and nightclubs in Dubai. Additionally, he has shares in Telcoin Team.

Before turning 21 and becoming the youngest player agent with a FIFA license, Saif ascended through the ranks of London nightlife, working at establishments like the K-Bar in Soho and the Chinawhite club. He is the recipient of the What’s On Awards 2021, which are presented to eminent members of the hospitality and entertainment industries.

Saif too leads a wealthy lifestyle, as evidenced by his Instagram pictures. He has vehicles like the Range Rover, Denali, Audi, BMW, Mercedez, and Royce Royal in his possession.

Saif Rubie Is A Dubai Based Sports Agent

An Iraqi-British sports agent named Saif Rubie works out of Dubai. He was born into an Islamic family and has a birthdate on July 12.

Rubie pursued his business management degree at the University of London. He received his FIFA license in 1999, making him the youngest player agent in the world. So he started his own Sports and Luxury Brand called Future gen Sport.

Who Is Saif Rubie? Net Worth 2022 - Client List, Bobby Duncan Agent Has Players In His Books
Saif Rubie and Real Madrid’s Chairman Florentino Pérez after finalizing Toni Rudiger’s deal. ( Source: instagram )

He is primarily in charge of marketing and commercial representation as well as the financial issues of FIFA Players.

Through his business, Future gen Sports & Luxury, Saif Rubie has been handling all artists and athletes since 2000.

At present, the famous sports agent goes by the handle name @saifpr on Instagram. He has amassed a total of 55 thousand followers on the platform. Similarly, on Twitter, Rubie has a total of 11.7 thousand followers.

Saif Rubie Has Clients All Around The World- Explained

Saif Rubie’s most recent client was Real Madrid’s defender, Antonio Rudiger.

According to Daily Mail, Rubie helped Rudiger to join the UCL winners in a free transfer. He assisted the German defender to pick up a £ 10 million signing-on fee as an intermediary between Chelsea and Rudiger’s entourage.

Besides Antonio Rudiger, the sports agent has worked with Chelsea FC for several years on player recruitment strategy. He also helped midfielder Lucas Paqueta to join West Ham United FC this summer.

Real Madrid's new signing Toni Rudiger(center) and Saif Rubie(right) taking picture after the big deal.
Real Madrid’s new signings Toni Rudiger(center) and Saif Rubie(right) taking pictures after the big deal. ( Source: twitter )

Kolo Toure, Felipe Caicedo, Manchester City, Altitude Mask, Snappy Gilmour, Piaget, Transform Altitude, 10AK, Dubai Globesoccer, Ghana Football Association and several others are just a few of his other well-known clientele.

Bobby Duncan, a Liverpool prospect, left the club in 2019. Rubie worked on the deal, which ended fairly contentiously when Duncan accused Saif of endangering his career. While the sports agent spoke about Duncan’s career and his role in it on talkSPORT.

On Monday, Rubie asked Simon Gordon on the radio: “Can I tell you something in that specific case?”

‘I actually advised him to stay at Liverpool and you have to understand one thing, which is what I was trying to tell you guys, my job is to do the best for whoever is telling me to help them whether it be the player, a buying club or a selling club.’

He continued: ‘In that particular case, you can choose to believe me or not, I thought him staying was the best outcome. It wasn’t meant to be and in the end, it got a bit ugly with Liverpool which is unfortunate.’

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