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Terrifying video shows female cop Karli Travis tackling hammer-wielding man in ‘extreme act of heroism

Explore Terrifying video shows female cop Karli Travis’ A female investigator in Connecticut is being praised for her “extreme act of heroism” in stopping a hammer attack by a disturbed guy. The 52-year-old detective Karli Travis has received praise for her valor in stopping Winston Tate’s attack.

Terrifying video shows female cop Karli Travis
Terrifying video shows female cop Karli Travis

The officer intervened after responding to a disturbance report involving noise and broken glass on a street in Middletown on Saturday, August 12. Bodycam footage depicts a critical moment when the officer valiantly defended herself against the violent assault.

In the video, Tate emerges from his residence and rushes towards the officer. Detective Travis calmly instructs him to drop the claw hammer he’s carrying.

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Tate attacked police officer with a hammer (Connecticut office of inspector General)
Tate attacked police officer with a hammer (Connecticut office of inspector General)

Tate, who has already served time in prison for attacking officers, still hits Travis with the hammer four times in spite of her pleading.

Travis was alone when answering the call during the event. Tate charged at her with the hammer, and she asked for help right away.

She tried to put some distance between herself and Tate, but when she was shoved to the ground, she found herself fighting for her life. Travis was able to get her gun and shoot multiple times.

Tate fled to his home, but more policemen showed up and eventually caught him. Tate and Travis both visited a hospital for treatment of minor wounds.

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Middletown police chief hails Karli Travis’ ‘extreme act of heroism’

Middletown Police Chief Erik Costa praised Travis’ extraordinary ‘act of heroism’. “There is no question that Detective Travis displayed an extreme act of heroism that saved her own life, the lives of other Middletown police officers and the citizens of this city,” he said.

Colleagues of Detective Travis, numbering over 20, joined chief Costa in expressing admiration for her during a press conference. They emphasized her strength and bravery, referring to her as a heroine.

A spokesperson for Middletown’s police union noted, “It is our hope that this time finally after attempting to murder a police officer, he will suffer the consequences that he so rightfully deserves.”

Tate removed his cloth in the court (wfsb.com)
Tate tried to removed his  jail cloth in the court (wfsb.com)

Detective Travis is currently recuperating at home with support. The incident marked the fifth time that the police have been summoned to Tate’s residence due to disturbances in the past month.

State attorney described Tate as dangerous 

Tate, 52, has a history of convictions for crimes dating back to 1995, including past attacks in 2017 and 2020 on law enforcement officials, according to wfsb.com. Tate was accused of attempted first-degree assault, second-degree assault, attack on a member of the public safety, and hindering police in court.

Even though the judge mandated that he be held on a $500,000 bond on Tuesday, he had to be restrained by guards while in the courtroom as he tried to take off his prison jumpsuit.

He poses a threat. Nobody is safe from this individual, according to the state’s attorney. On October 3, Tate will make his subsequent court appearance.

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