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Texas county board bans travel for out-of-state abortion

During a regular meeting on Monday, Lubbock County, Texas commissioners passed an ordinance prohibiting traveling for the purpose of abortion, no matter the destination. (screengrab via YouTube)

An all-male panel of commissioners in Lubbock County, Texas, voted Monday to outlaw transporting or even helping to fund transporting people out of state if the purpose of the trip is to get an abortion. The panel said the ordinance was part of its plan to make Lubbock a “sanctuary county for the unborn.”

Commissioners Terence Kovar, Jason Corley, and Jordan Rackler voted in favor of the ordinance, and the body’s two other members — County Judge Curtis Parrish and Commissioner Gilbert Flores — abstained. The commissioners declared that “abortion is a murderous act of violence,” and lamented that “Texas men and women are being hurt and traumatized by abortion across our Texas-New Mexico border and sent back to Texas for our county and our cities to deal with the aftermath in our homes, schools, churches, and hospitals.”

To protect said men and women from these ostensible hardships, the committee made it illegal transport any individual to have an abortion “regardless of where the elective abortion will occur.”

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