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Toddler Mauled to Death by 3 Dogs at Babysitter’s Home – Crime Online

Texas police are investigating after three dogs attacked a toddler at his babysitter’s home, killing him.

Investigators were called to the Duncanville home at about 11 a.m. on Monday and found the 1-year-old boy unconscious. He was rused to Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, where he died, WFAA reported.

Police said there were other children in the house at the time who were not harmed. Neighbors said the woman who owns the home has been babysitting for family friends for years.

“We took possession of the dogs. The dogs were confined in the house. They were not loose,” said Duncanville Police Chief Matthew Stogner. “The resident attempted to pull the dogs from the infant unsuccessfully until the officers got there.”

The three dogs were all shepherd mixes, police said: a 100-pound male and two 80-pound females. It’s not clear what will happen with the dogs.

Stogner said the dogs had been outside but somehow got inside and attacked the boy, who was identified Shiraz Amal Asirvadam.

Police are looking into the possibility of criminal charges.

David Trout, a neighbor, told WFAA that “it’s a terrible thing.”

“I don’t wish this on anybody. Especially her,” he said, referring to the homeowner. “I know she is devastated by this and will be for quite some time.”

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