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Trizah Morris files $1M lawsuit against Actress Tiffany Haddish over extortion claims

Trizah Morris: Another lawsuit has been filed against Tiffany Haddish and comedian Aries Spears. According to court records obtained by Radar Online, Trizah Morris, an ex-friend of the ‘Like a Boss’ actress, said that the two made false accusations about her that cost her personally, financially and professionally.

Trizah Morris files $1M lawsuit against Actress Tiffany Haddish over extortion claims
Trizah Morris files $1M lawsuit against Actress Tiffany Haddish over extortion claims

This most recent court petition comes about a year after Morris’ adult children attempted to sue Haddish and Spears for allegedly grooming them when they were minors to “perform in, film, record, publish and distribute $exually inappropriate” humorous content.

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Who is Trizah Morris?

Haddish’s former friend, Morris, filed a $1M defamation lawsuit against the actress and Spears, accusing the duo of making false statements about her that caused her to suffer personally. The report also said that one of the skits that her children took part in featured one of the youngsters acting out a $exual act, and another featured jokes about pedophiles.

Morris was once close friends with the actress, who received payment for the skits. However, things went downhill once the ex-pal contacted the actress in the wake of ‘Girls Trip’ success and began pleading for assistance with her comic career. Morris first dropped hints about making the video public when Haddish clarified that she was unable to do so at that time. Haddish encouraged Morris to report the incident to the police, which the latter eventually did after making allegations that her son was molested while being filmed. However, no misconduct was discovered, as per Hollywood Unlocked.

“Plaintiff’s mother, Trizah Morris, has been trying to assert these bogus claims against Ms. Haddish for several years,” the 43-year-old’s lawyer stated at the time, adding, “Every attorney who has initially taken on her case — and there were several — ultimately dropped the matter once it became clear that the claims were meritless and Ms. Haddish would not be shaken down.”

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Tiffany Haddish’s former friend files $1M lawsuit

Spears and Haddish vehemently denied any wrongdoing, and the family decided to drop the lawsuit in September 2022. Morris asserted that the comedians’ representatives have since made a number of disparaging remarks about her, including that she had been attempting to blackmail them. Morris claimed that Spears also referred to her as a “lying b***h.”

In February, according to court records, Morris allegedly contacted Haddish and Spears’ lawyers to ask them to issue a statement to clarify that she did not extort them. However, the actress allegedly called Morris up personally and downplayed the situation, according to OK! “The media isn’t talking about it right now,” Haddish allegedly said to her via phone, adding, “I have four movies coming out this year and I am going to be doing a lot of press. If it comes up, I’ll be sure to mention it.”

Furthermore, Morris stated that a reporter got in touch with her in late June and accused Haddish of disparaging her in a recent interview. She also claimed that the entire incident damaged her reputation and made her anxious. Now, RadarOnline.com reported she was suing the actress and comedian for $1M.

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