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TV Reporter Erin Kiernan Pregnancy Rumor 2022- Erin Kiernan Is An Anchor And Reporter Working At Channel 13

Inside ‘TV Reporter Erin Kiernan Pregnancy Rumor 2022’ Erin Kiernan is a journalist working as an anchor and reporter in WHO 13.

Besides being a journalist, Erin is a fitness instructor and personal trainer. She started working with the Channel 13 News Team in June 2005 and has been actively working on the channel.

She has not only reported but has written and produced many award-winning investigative and feature reports.

She is the winner of the Edward R. Murrow Award for her reporting work. Similarly, in 2012 she was awarded National Edward R. Murrow Award with photojournalists Brandon McCauley and Randy Schumacher.

She got the award for the story about Iowan Mark Block, who went through various odds and challenges to climb Sears Tower in Chicago.

She has also won the regional Emmy Awards in the consumer and instructional categories.  Due to her special reports on Iowans with disabilities, she was awarded Media Award by the Iowa Commission of Persons with Disabilities in 2008.

TV Reporter Erin Kiernan Pregnancy Rumor 2022

Erin Kiernan Isn’t Pregnant In 2022

Erin Kiernan’s pregnancy rumors were going on in the media, but it seems that she isn’t pregnant in 2022.

TV Reporter Erin Kiernan Pregnancy Rumor 2022

She has gone through a lot regarding pregnancy in her life. She has always been camera ready due to her job as a reporter, but when she is asked about her pregnancy, she gets emotional about it.

She is the only child of her parents, so she is endeared by both of her parents.

Kiernan’s Pregnancy As A Teenager

She was a teenager, and a was a straight-A student in Chadron. Besides being an academic student, she was actively involved in extracurricular activities.

In high school, it was hard for her as she was being bullied. Similarly, she also got involved with a bad crowd and started drinking.

Due to her acquaintances with bad people, she got pregnant, which was frightening for a teenager.

The pregnancy changed everything for Erin, and she visited her family doctor, who gave three different pamphlets one was about abortion, the second was about adoption, and the third was about single motherhood.

She cried and wished to be everything fined. Kiernan decided that she couldn’t do an abortion and also cannot let her parents parent her baby. So, she decided to let the baby be put up for adoption.

Kiernan shared that giving birth is a gut-wrenching process. She gave her son up for adoption, and his name is David Mcinnis, who lives in Omaha. But she has been in his life most of the time and is like a best friend to him.

She was 30 years when she wanted to have children and went to the doctor for it. Her doctor told her that she should start immediately for conceiving the child as her internal clock was ticking faster.

Erin and her husband, Michael, were so focused on their careers and making a good life that they didn’t think conceiving a child would be a problem in the future.

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The couples didn’t think about infertility as a problem when they wanted to have children in the future. She couldn’t conceive, so she went through four rounds of artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization.

But she could conceive and was questioning her ability to give birth. She also began looking at adoption. Erin was angry as she had children when she didn’t want to have and when she was ready to have one, she was not able to have it.

After going through various clinical tests and procedures and battling with infertility, the couples took the help of in vitro fertilization. With the help of invitro fertilization, Erin became pregnant with their first child, Michael Francis, in 2014.

Erin shared that when their son was created through invitro, they also created other embryos.

Erin Kiernan dressed as a Wonder woman with her son Michael who is dressed as Superman.
Erin Kiernan dressed as a Wonder woman with her son Michael who is dressed as Superman. ( Source : instagram )

The news of her first pregnancy was shared in October, and later she shared pictures of her son on her Instagram.

She shared her second pregnancy in November and welcomed their second-born daughter, Audrey, in 2018. She loves her children and is seen sharing their pictures on her social media accounts.

Who Is Erin Kiernan Married To?

Erin Kiernan is married to her husband, Michael Kiernan.

Michael Kiernan was a former city councilman and has been a supportive husband and loving father. Erin’s husband is Irish, and they dated for a while before tying the knot to each other.

Michael proposed to Erin during St. Patrick’s Day, and she said yes to her future husband.

The couple got married to each other in 1979 in the Madison County Church, which Pope John Paul visited.

Michael spend most of his time in the church and was even blessed with Pope John Paul.

Erin Kiernan with her husband Michael and son, Michael Francis.
Erin Kiernan with her husband Michael and son, Michael Francis. ( Source : usmagazine )

Their marriage has been lasting since 1979, and it seems their marriage has strengthened with the years. The couple’s first child was also baptized in the same church.

They have been happily married to each other. The couple has gone through highs and lows in their life together.

Erin and Michael wanted to be parents when Erin was 30, but her biological clock ticked away, creating a grave problem when the couple tried to conceive.

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Both couples fought together for infertility and went through various producers and tests. They decided to do invitro fertilization to fulfill their dream of being a parent.

Through years of trying to become parents, invitro fertilization helped them to become parents. The couples stick with each other during those times and are now happy with their two kids.

Erin gives hope and inspiration through her story of motherhood and tells the couples and mothers not to give up on their dreams of becoming a parent.

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