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Vlogger Emily Hart Net Worth: Everything About Her Husband, Children & Net worth

Exploring ‘Vlogger Emily Hart Net Worth: Everything About Her Husband, Children & Net worth’ Emily Hart is an English YouTube vlogger who has a net worth of $1.5 million as of 2022.

She typically answers questions while being filmed inside for most of her videos. Her YouTube videos were therefore simple for her to record.

Every Monday, she uploaded videos in which she vlogged about various topics that might be described by 10 reasons. Her films covered a variety of subjects, such as relationships, love, life, and more.

Quick Facts About Emily Hart

Name Emily Hart
Full Name Emily Hartridge
Date of Birth 25 May 1984
Profession YouTuber, Television Presenter
Net Worth $1.5 million

Vlogger Emily Hart Net Worth: Emily Hart’s Net Worth Peak At $1.5 Million

Emily Hart’s net worth is approximately $1.5 million.

Her primary source of income is YouTube, where she earned a huge amount of money. Along with being a YouTuber, she was a personal trainer and presenter.

Her Youtube channel, Emily Hart, has over 350k subscribers. She joined the video-producing platform on February 5, 2007. There is a total of 148 million views on her YouTube videos which is the reason for her success.

Vlogger Emily Hart Net Worth
Emily Hart’s net worth was at its peak when it reached $1.5 million ( Source: thetimes )

Emily was born on May 25, 1984, in England. One of three sisters, she is. Her two younger sisters are identical twins with the names Alice and Jessica, and her oldest sister is Charlotte.

2012 marked the start of Hartridge’s YouTube career. Her debut video on YouTube was titled “10 Reasons Why I Wish I Was 12 Again.” Later, she made the decision to make it a YouTube series. She discussed love and relationships frequently.

Because her podcast was so popular, The Daily Mail and Huffington Post recapped her episodes after she posted them. As her notoriety rose, she began hosting TV shows like “Jacked In” on Virgin Media and “Oh sh*t I’m 30” on 4OD. Hugh Jackman is among the well-known actors she has spoken with and Eddie Redmayne.

She was 5 feet 7 inches or 173 cm tall. Meanwhile, her weight was around 52 kilograms.

Who Is Emily Hart’s Boyfriend, Jacob Hazell?

British YouTuber Emily Hart was in a relationship with her boyfriend, Jacob Hazell.


He is a personal trainer. In November 2018, Emily and Jacob began dating, and they moved in together the following year. According to rumors, she was getting ready to have children with him.

Vlogger Emily Hart Net Worth
Emily Hart’s boyfriend’s name is Jacob Hazell ( Source: bbc )

Emily had mentioned that her boyfriend is younger than her and has even posted a video on YouTube and Instagram mentioning it.

There’s not much information available about Jacob, but he is very famous on Instagram. Like Emily, he also is a fitness freak. His Instagram account clearly states that he likes to live a healthy lifestyle.

His Instagram posts are filled with fitness goals. It has over 11.2k followers. There is also some information regarding his personal and family life there. He has a sister named Anabelle Hazell, born on September 23. There is a sweet yet funny caption about his father where he mentioned that his father has been sober for more than 39 years.

That got his followers tickled and laughed with funny comments on the posts.

Does Emily Hart Have Children?

No, Emily Hart does not have any children.

She has, however, been open about wanting to become pregnant with her boyfriend on her YouTube channel and in an Instagram post.

Vlogger Emily Hart Net Worth
Hartridge began publishing vlogs on her YouTube channel in 2012 with her
Hartridge began publishing vlogs on her YouTube channel in 2012 with her “Ten Reasons Why …” videos ( Source: mirror )

She was receiving fertility treatment at the time in order to gather eggs. Since receiving a low fertility diagnosis in 208, she has talked openly in her videos about her struggles with drugs and depression.

She posted a series of blogs on her channel documenting her thoughts and feelings on the fertility situation before beginning her fertility treatment in 2019.

Some FAQs

When was Emily Hart born?

Emily Hartridge was born in Hambledon, Hampshire, England on 25 May 1984.

Who was the boyfriend of Emily Hart?

Emily Hart was in a relationship with her boyfriend, Jacob Hazell.

What is Emily Hart’s full name?

Emily Hart’s full name is Emily Hartridge.

How many siblings does Emily Hart Have?

Emily grew up in a family with three sisters, Charlotte and twin sisters Alice and Jessica.
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