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Where Is Danni Tamburro Now? Net Worth Of Danni Tamburro In 2022: 5 Facts On Adam Hicks’s Girlfriend Explored

Let’s explore ‘Where Is Danni Tamburro Now? Net Worth Of Danni Tamburro In 2022: 5 Facts On Adam Hicks’s Girlfriend Explored’ The public is keen to find out where Danni Tamburro is now that her three-year probation period appears to be coming to an end.

Actress Danni Tamburro was arrested for robbery in 2018 while with her ex-boyfriend Hicks. Her fans, who were eagerly anticipating her new work, found the news unexpected and distressing.

She is a well-known producer in addition to being an actress because of her work on the films Sins Unveiled in 2020 and Colors Me You in 2017. Her ex-boyfriend was then facing a five-year prison term.

But he was freed after spending 1,460 days. The actress, who was present during a heist with her partner, attracted attention from the general public in the meantime.

Where Is Danni Tamburro Now?

After her incarceration in 2018, Danni Tamburro currently leads a low-profile existence. She was detained for an armed robbery along with her then-boyfriend Adam Hicks.

The policeman apprehended them on January 24, 2018, but Danni’s family paid her $350,000 bail to get her out of jail after a few days. Hicks was then deemed unfit for trial in the meanwhile.

Adam and Tamburro were accused of two robberies and three attempted. The actress “pleaded no contest to one count of robbery & two charges of grand theft,” according to The Sun, in 2019.

She also had a three-year formal probationary period, which appears to have ended. In any case, she avoids media attention by maintaining a low profile.

She has more than 27k followers on Instagram and goes by the username @dannishea. The actress hasn’t had her account verified and has kept her social media accounts private.

She was cast in 2022’s “Sins Unveiled,” a short drama-thriller film, following her arrest in 2018 and subsequent probation. There were six winners and one nominee for the short film.

Danni Tamburro
Danni Tamburro ( Source : youtube )

5 Facts You Must Know About Adam Hicks’s Girlfriend, Danni Tamburro

Danni Tamburro, Adam Hicks’s ex-girlfriend, made headlines in 2018 after the pair participated in an armed robbery.

Here are 5-facts that you don’t want to miss on the actress

1. Texas-born Danni made a name for herself in 2017 thanks to her performance in the movie “Color Me You.”

2. When she was a year old, she entered the entertainment industry by making appearances in several TV commercials.

3. The actress is passionate about singing and has a talent for writing music. Unexpectedly, she is also a world-class rider.

4. She enjoys spending her free time working at Children’s Hospital for a program called “Shine on Siblings.”

5. In 2017, “1 Interrogation,” her debut film, was released. She portrayed the abusive Tom Arnold’s daughter in the drama.

Danni Tamburro with Adam Hicks
Where Is Danni Tamburro Now? Net Worth Of Danni Tamburro In 2022: 5 Facts On Adam Hicks’s Girlfriend Explored
Danni Tamburro with Adam Hicks ( Source : twitter )

What Is Danni Tamburro’s Age Difference With Adam Hicks?

Danni Tamburo was born on 29 June 1994 in Burbank, CA. She is 28 years old and has the astrological sign of Cancer.

Adam Hicks, who was born on November 28, 1992, in Las Vegas, Nevada, is currently 29 years old and will soon turn 30. There isn’t much of an age gap between them; it’s approximately a year.

They were in the middle of their lives when they started dating and were both charged with armed robbery.

Danni Tamburro and Adam Hicks
Danni Tamburro and Adam Hicks ( Source: abc7chicago )

Danni Tamburro Net Worth In 2022

As of 2022, Danni Tamburro’s estimated net worth ranges from $1 million to $5 million. She is a producer and actor who has acted in a number of films and short dramas.

Additionally, she made money from endorsements and ads. She has long been involved in the entertainment industry.

The actress must have made a good living so far from her profession in the business.



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