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Who Is Hannah Kepple? Learn About Cobra Kai’s Actress

Moon Actress ‘Who Is Hannah Kepple? Learn About Cobra Kai’s Actress’ Fans have developed a keen interest in Hannah Kepple’s personal and professional life as a result of the success of the Netflix series “Cobra Kai.” In this piece, let’s get more into the actress’s specifics.

Actress and model Hannah Kepple gained notoriety after taking part in the well-liked Netflix drama series “Cobra Kai.” She became well-known for playing the role of “Moon.”

She has also made appearances in a few other movies and television shows. Kepple is a relative newcomer to the TV industry, therefore her program appearances have been few. However, we anticipate seeing her shine in many more TV shows and motion pictures in the years to come.


Full Name Hannah Kepple
Gender Female
Profession Actress, model, social media star
Age 22 years old
Born 20th November 2000
Birth Place Brevard, North Carolina, United States
Nationality American
Religion Christian
Ethnicity Caucasian
Father Rick Kepple
Mother Julie Kepple
Siblings Ben Kepple, Ella Kepple
Marital Status Unmarried

Who Is Hannah Kepple? Wiki & Bio: ‘Cobra Kai’ Actress

Hanna Kepple, also known as Hannah Elizabeth, is an American actress and social media sensation. She has no wiki-bio as of yet.

On November 20, 2000, she was born in Asheville, North Carolina, in United States. She was definitely born under the sign of Scorpio, and this is reflected in her demeanor.

Hannah started out with a few modeling jobs, but everyone was astonished by her amazing acting debut later on. She started pursuing her love at a young age, and thanks to her extraordinary talent and work ethic, she has made great strides in a short amount of time.

Hannah Kepple has won hearts of many in less time with her impeccable acting skills
Who Is Hannah Kepple? Learn About Cobra Kai’s Actress
Hannah Kepple has won the hearts of many in less time with her impeccable acting skills ( Source: instagram )

Hannah made her acting debut in 2018 at the age of 18. She portrayed “Moon” in the popular Netflix comedy and drama series “Cobra Kai.”

“Cobra Kai first “‘s two seasons were made available on YouTube, but after receiving positive feedback from viewers, the show was moved to Netflix, where it became immediately successful.

She became well-known and received a great deal of appreciation for her work in this series. As per her IMDB profile, she has made appearances in numerous TV shows and documentaries, in addition to “Cobra Kai.”

In the television shows “Your Worst Nightmare” and “Tell Me Your Secrets,” she portrayed Kristy and Emily, respectively. The actress received praise for her performance in both programs.

Additionally, she appeared in the 2018 episode of “The Man Cave Chronicles Podcast.” Due to her outstanding acting abilities and endearing personality, we are confident that we will continue to see her in future television shows and films.

Regarding Hannah Kepple’s boyfriend, the actress was linked to Xola Mariduena, his co-star in the television series “Cobra Kai”. As per Heavy, they began dating after the first season of the show ended.

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In the show, Xola plays Miguel Diaz, while Hannah acts as Moon. They can be seen together in several pictures.

However, there is currently no information available about whether or if they are still dating. Their erased Instagram comments on one other fueled reports that they were divorcing each other.

Hannah Kepple revealed she was dating Xolo Marduena in 2019
Hannah Kepple revealed she was dating Xolo Marduena in 2019 ( Source: gettyimages )

Without a doubt, many of their admirers who liked following their romance were devastated. Even though there were no romance scenes between the co-stars in “Cobra Kai,” the viewers liked how they got along off-screen. Unfortunately, the couple’s separation put a stop to the admirers’ dreams.

Their breakup’s origin remains a mystery. They don’t talk about their breakup and carry on acting professionally as co-stars. For them, professionalism is essential, and work always comes first.

Meet Hannah K Supportive Parents

Hannah, an actor, is proudly raised by her parents, Julie and Rick Kepple. The actress was brought up alongside her two siblings, Ben and Ella Kepple, who come from a Christian home.

Her parents never stopped encouraging her to follow her passions in life. She has achieved so much in her professional career, and that might be the only factor.

Actress Hannah garnered popularity and lot of praise for her performance at an early age
Who Is Hannah Kepple? Learn About Cobra Kai’s Actress
Actress Hannah garnered popularity and a lot of praise for her performance at an early age ( Source: instagram )

On social media, Hannah constantly shows her love for her family, but she keeps her family’s privacy and her own private life separate by not disclosing too much about them. She currently resides in Brevard, where she was raised, with her family.

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